Over the years, a lot has been written about the Emergency and for those of us who were not born before that time, it is just another chapter in our nation's history. There have been a lot of times when the filmmakers have picked a certain era and have written movies around it. The year of 2002 was the year of Bhagat Singh where there were three movies made on his life among countless others that came earlier. And there have been movies on the Emergency era as well. Last month, we saw a movie by Madhur Bhandarkar cleverly titled as Indu Sarkar which was a story about a woman named Indu Sarkar (hence clever) during Emergency, while next month we await Milan Luthria's Baadshaho which is set during the same 21-month period.

Emergency - BookMyShowWhile both have been set during the same time period, the subject couldn't be more different. While Indu Sarkar was the story of a timid woman who went on to become a krantikari, Baadshaho is more about the people who took advantage of the chaos to earn some quick money. In a country as vast as India, it is obvious that the state of Emergency affected every city differently. And that stark difference wouldn't be a part of any history books you read.

Indu Sarkar was all about the political agenda people had and how it was affecting the common people. It also showed us the face of India which was heavily against the Emergency and taking steps to make sure it ended swiftly. Baadshaho, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have those qualms. It is a movie about a group of thugs who plan a heist in the time of chaos. In the past, we have seen movies like Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi and Kissa Khursi Ka which were based around the same era but showed completely different sides of the same event in the history.

Baadshaho is all set to release next week and everything from the tone to the concept promises us an interesting watch. But what ties these movies together is the backdrop of an era in Indian history everyone would rather forget about. You can read more about Baadshaho right here.

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