Women have always fallen prey to forbidden fruit – especially when it comes to men. Are you always cursing your stars when the woman of your dreams is lusting after a jerk? Well, think again. Maybe these bad boys are to blame!
Here is a list of 7 of the baddest boys on television, who are too good to be despised:
1. Jim Moriarty
Series: Sherlock

How the most harmless and amicable-looking man can play a conniving and disturbed character with such brilliance is beyond me. All you women who ogle each time he makes an appearance on the show, let me tell you, Andrew Scott is gay. Disheartening, right?

Bad-boy aspect we love: The spectacular way he makes the audience fear him with the use of his voice and intensified facial expressions.
2. Heisenberg a.k.a. Walter White
Series: Breaking Bad

So imagine your chemistry teacher cooking meth, blowing up people and being involved with the drug cartel. Wouldn’t you be s#!%$ing bricks? Ah, who are you kidding! You would most likely respect him/her more and even pay attention in his/her class. And if you’re bat-shit crazy, you would be the Jesse Pinkman to your meth-cooking teacher.
Bad-boy aspect we love: His zany but hard-hitting dialogues like ‘I am not in danger. I am the danger!’ and ‘I am the one who knocks’. And also the audacity with which he kills Gus (and several other characters).
3. Frank Underwood
Series: House of Cards
This guy is SO bad that he’s good! Maybe because it’s Kevin Spacey. Ambition sees no morals in this show. In the opening scene of season 1, we see Frank killing a puppy. At the end of season 1, he is pushing Zoey Barnes in front of a train. This guy basically has no limits and will destroy anyone who comes in his way.
Bad-boy aspect we love: His thirst for power. His ferociously-delivered monologues.
4. Hannibal Lecter
Series: Hannibal
A cannibalistic serial killer who makes an exquisite dinner out of people – how can anyone get more wicked than this? There is never a scarcity of jaw-dropping moments on this show.
Bad-boy aspect we love: His fine culinary art. The ease with which he manipulates people.
5. Hank Moody
Series: Californication
A cocky attitude with an unabashed sex drive is what Hank Moody is all about. ‘I am going to screw my life by screwing others (literally)’ is his mantra. Although, the occasional sensitive side of him reveals that he is still in love with his ex and cares immensely for his daughter.
Bad-boy aspect we love: His sinful wit. His disabling lack of making the right decisions.
6. Ari Gold
Series: Entourage
Meet one of the biggest a**holes on TV. Despite his jerky nature, he remains loyal to his wife. But that doesn’t stop him from peeving her.
Bad-boy aspect we love: His ability to blackmail people. His shenanigans (like sending excreta to his rivals). His constant rebuking of his assistant Lloyd.
7. Stewie Griffin
Series: Family Guy
This baby is just disturbed. I mean, he wants to annihilate his mother. It was only apt to cast him as Darth Vader in the Star Wars episodes.
Bad-boy aspect we love: His competent psyche. His ambiguous sexual orientation. His condescending nature.
They could be deranged lunatics, serial killers, sex addicts and the spookiest of criminals. There is no stopping us from loving these bad boys!

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