Verdict: A raunchy comedy that is funny in bits. 

What’s A Bad Moms Christmas About: 

In the sequel to Bad Moms, all Amy (Mila Kunis), Kiki (Kristen Bell), and Carla (Kathryn Hahn) want to do is take Christmas back. They are tired of decorating the house, going carol singing, packing gifts, cooking lavish meals and entertaining guests. They want to spend the occasion with their kids and even consider having Chinese takeout for dinner. Playing party-poopers though are none other than their own mothers who come over to their place for Xmas. While Amy’s mother Ruth (Christine Baranski) wants everything to be perfect and keeps criticising her, Kiki’s mom Sandy (Cheryl Hines) just doesn't give her any space. Carla has it is easier as her mother Isis (Susan Sarandon) simply asks for money and doesn’t interfere in the way she leads her life. Now, it is up to the three friends to stand up against their respective mothers and make the most of the holiday season. 

What Works:

After the success of Bad Moms, it was more than obvious that the makers would take the story forward. It’s great that they chose to introduce new characters rather than just focusing on the bond between the young kids and their mothers. Scott Moore and Jon Lucas, who are known for The Hangover series, have once again come up with a cracker of a script. The jokes are aplenty and pop up when you least expect them to. Christine Baranski is the star of the film and you’d think she has walked right off the sets of The Big Bang Theory and shot her scenes for A Bad Moms Christmas. Just like in the TV show, here too, her character is downright mean. The trio – Mila, Kristen, and Kathryn – are just as good as they were in the first outing.

What Could Have Been Better:

Since Moore and Lucas try too hard to make the film raunchy, you’ll cringe at many scenes. A mother hitting her son in his crotch is not funny, guys. You can't help but feel for the actors who are made do such silly stuff in the name of humor. 

Why You Should Watch This Movie: 

A Bad Moms Christmas may not be as good as the original film but it is worth a one-time watch. The lead cast seems like they are having fun and are not taking the film too seriously. You should do that too and you’ll enjoy the movie. The ending leaves open the possibility of a third part featuring the moms of moms. Bad Grandmoms, anyone?

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