Gabbar is back, and he looks menacing as ever! Akshay Kumar is set to fill the boots of the villain who has truly defined baddies in Bollywood. The Khiladi’s latest film, Gabbar is Back, is set to release this weekend, and boy, does he look good. However, Akshay won’t be playing the villain in this one, but will be playing a crusader against corruption. Sounds new, doesn’t it? That got us to thinking, why not cast him as a villain? After all, he did dazzle in Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobara in a negative role! Here’s a couple roles we think Akshay would fit in as a villain!

Kancha Cheena from Agneepath:

Relax, we’re talking about the old Agneepath. Akshay Kumar has the voice for the role, and put a pair of aviators on him, and voila, you have Kancha Cheena!

Sambha from Sholay:

Akki could be the perfect foil for the famous villain, Gabbar Singh. Think Desi Boyz again, with John as Gabbar perhaps, and Akki as the ever loyal Sambha!

Shakaal from Shaan:

Now this is something we would like to see, Akshay Kumar going bald! He’d also look pretty menacing as Shakaal, no?

Bulla from Gunda:

Now this is uncanny. Check out the mucchis!

Katya from Ghatak:

Danny Denzongpa is still remembered for his dialogue, “Iski maut sochni padegi!”. We think the Khiladi would be a perfect villain against Sunny Deol, don’t you?

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