Director Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, who made her directorial debut with Nil Battey Sannata last year, is back with her second feature – Bareilly Ki Barfi.

Tiwari seems to have pulled off an ensemble coup of sorts with this one – young turks Ayushmann Khurrana and Rajkummar Rao in the same film. This is also Junglee Pictures’ fourth Hindi-film venture, after Dil Dhadakne Do, Bangistan and Talvar.

The Bareilly Ki Barfi trailer hit the web last week. The plot seems fairly straightforward. Tiwari retains the small-town texture and characterization that made her first film (set in Agra) a critical success. She also retains her collaboration with actor Pankaj Tripathi, who was unforgettable in his cameo in NBS. Here, Tripathi seems to be playing the female protagonist’s funny, soft-spoken father in what looks like a matriarchal, dramatic household.

Kriti Sanon (Bitti), recently seen in Raabta, plays the quintessential ‘firecracker’ looking to live on her own terms. Her parents (especially her mother) find it difficult to handle her as a conventional daughter, and find it even harder to find a match for her. Khurrana (Chirag Dubey) is a flashy egoistic local who crosses paths with Bitti and falls for her. But he doesn’t seem to be her ‘kind’. So he concocts up a plan based on her obsession with a modest writer she wants to find because of the words that resonate with her. This writer is Rajkummar Rao, a gullible small-time clothes salesman, who Khurrana decides to manipulate. He decides to play match-maker, but only under the condition that poor old Rao makes Bitti fall for him and then breaks her heart. Thus Khurrana can swoop in to save the day.

Of course, on the way it will get more complicated, as most ‘pre-conceived’ love triangles in Hindi films do. Rao will probably develop a spine and Khurrana will get even more frustrated as Rao veers from the script. As for Bitti, she will be disillusioned by the front Rao puts on initially, only to fall for his nice-guy avatar towards the end. One can already imagine the climactic showdown where both the guys realize that Bitti is the one who feels cheated and hard-done by.

This tricycle track seems fairly familiar. It’ll be ex-advertising executive Tiwari’s bittersweet treatment and handling of the environment as a character that makes a difference. She has the right cast to make an impact, even if it’s a clichéd storyline. Rao is perhaps the finest young actor in the country right now, and Khurrana is not too far behind. To see both of them in the same frame is the pure-acting modern-day equivalent of watching two of the three Khans in the same frame. Put in Ranbir Kapoor (who must, at some point, act with these two in a buddy flick) and you can take all our money.

The film releases on 18th August, 2017. The trailer, for now, seems like a perfect snapshot of the film.

Bareilly Ki Barfi – Trailer Launch

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