In what is the crown jewel of DC Studios’ film section, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice has finally released a trailer. No, it isn’t the leaked one we saw a few weeks ago. It’s a different, jaw-dropping sneak peek of what is touted as 2016’s biggest release.

As with the previous trailer, the film takes off after the events of Man of Steel, with Superman under harsh criticism from the government after his wanton destruction in Metropolis. However, what we didn’t know is that Bruce Wayne was in Metropolis while Superman was wreaking havoc.
Now we all know that Bats and Supes will go toe-to-toe in the film, as is evident in its name, but not why. This new trailer quickly cleared that up. Turns out, Superman tore down the Wayne Enterprises building, and in an evocative moment, Bruce Wayne is shown standing around the wreckage.
We also get our first look at an unbelievably brilliant Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), in full bracelet-banging badassery. There’s much more than just Superman and Batman fighting; there’s a familiar face as well. The Joker. In a quick scene, the Batsuit has some spray paint on it that reads, “The joke’s on you, Batman!” And another thing, Lex Luthor has his hands on some kryptonite.
Say what you will about DC films, but this one looks like it’s set to shatter almost every box office record there is. Batman vs Superman hits screens March 2016. Till then, check out the trailer here: