Furiosity to the max: It’s Statham vs Johnson vs Diesel

It’s the battle you have been waiting for! Fast & Furious 7 will pit Jason Statham against the Toretto familia! It’s up to Vin Diesel and Dwayne The Rock Johnson to flex those pectorals of protection and stop this evil baddie (ever notice how they are all British…? Food for thought). But what’s the score going to be? Who will win in a three way battle between them? Let’s break it down. 

1. Jason Statham
Strengths: Martial artist, diver, tough guy, hard man and awesome driver. 
This Englishman is not one to stand quietly in a queue, he’ll take the queue apart! From Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, to the Transporter franchise to The Expendables, Jason Statham has decimated the bad guys. He has used everything from fire-hoses, throwing knives, brass knuckles and high powered rifles. 


Weakness: Being English, there is always a possibility that he won’t fight on a weekend. Also, compared to the other two, body mass is a little low. For every blow that they land on him, he’ll have counter with 3. And also another weakness- he’s the bad guy! Hollywood hero rules demand a glorious battle with an epic finish. But he will get some shots in! 
Jason Vs Vin: A fight to the limit, speed vs speed. Jason has the edge there, but Vin has the fortitude needed. It will be MMA styled combat with grapples from Vin and ground-pound moves from Jason. 
Jason Vs Dwayne: The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Jason will win the first round. But noone can keep the Rock down. Johnson’s muscles are bigger then Statham’s head. The second round will be the decider. Two People’s Elbow followed by a Rock-bottom, only then Statham will stay down. 
But Jason will remind them why he is a hard man. 
2. Vin Diesel
Strengths: Ex-Bouncer, Dungeon and Dragon Geek, also known as Riddick in some circles, Good with knives and cars. 
Vin Diesel has taken on the biggest and baddest guys in the universe and come back. He is also the Emperor of the Necromongers ( you keep what you kill, the Chronicles of Riddick story-line) As a Furian, he is hard to put down. As a Toretto, he is hard to beat. Fast reaction times from quarter mile dragging and racing, will help him hit and keep on hitting. Fueled by his love of his family, Diesel will show why Diesel power exists! 


Weakness: Attachment to family. That makes him vulnerable if anyone is taken hostage. Also what if he runs out of gas (petrol, not the other kind)? How will he manage? And if someone rolls a 20 on a the D&D dice, we got a problem. 
Vin Vs Jason: First round to Statham. Vin will find it hard to make contact. Due to Statham’s speed, Diesel will have to just hang on. Once Jason tires out, we have a fight. Vin can then then grapple and  bring the pain. Finishing move: Arm-lock to dislocate the shoulder, followed by a head-lock to incapacitate. 
Vin Vs Dwayne: In F&F Fast 5, The Rock fought Diesel. Vin won that one. But now, Dwayne will know Vin’s moves. So we have a tough match. But pound for pound, the Rock has just become bigger. The power will be apparent. Diesel will have to do his best to weather the storm and hit Dwayne with a truck! Only way. 
3. Dwayne The Rock Johnson
Strengths: Massive, meaning massive! Herculean strength, competency in heavy weapons ( includes .50 cal M2 and Miniguns) Also combine that with GI-Joe training as Roadblock, we have the ROCK! 
Dwayne will have to push the boat out with this one. Capable of lifting and using a M2 heavy machine gun, he can do immense damage. Also for a big guy, he is fast. Very fast. He was a defensive tackle while in college ( American Football). That means fast legs, hit hard and keep on hitting till the offense just crumbles. That’s the Rock! Also WWE champion! People’s Champ! And the one man who really knows what’s cooking! 
Weakness: Once a lawman, always a lawman! He ain’t no vigilante. Also The Rock has to leave the theatrics in the ring. No place for that in the real world! 
Dwayne Vs Jason: Tough match! If Johnson gets his hands on Jason, it’s game over for the Englishman. But that’s if. Brawn vs speed here, and Statham will evade all blows. All it would take is one drop kick and Statham’s out. 
Dwayne Vs Vin: A rematch! We wants it! Come on! No holds barred. And you can watch the Rock show why he is the biggest, baddest, toughest out there. Train like a monster and that’s it. 
So finally in a three-way match, the last man standing will be Vin but only because the Rock will be helping him up. 
Tell us who you think would win. Also, don’t forget to catch Fast & Furious 7 in theatres this weekend. Get ready to be blown away!

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