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7 Things to Look Forward To In Baywatch

Not many of you may know about the original Baywatch, on which the new movie is based. It was a TV series starring David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. The show broadcasted on international television from 1989 to 1999, after which the cast and location were changed to introduce the Baywatch Hawaii series, which ran from 1999 to 2001. Even Jason Momoa aka Khal Drogo appeared on this show. If you have watched any episodes from either of the Baywatch series, you may have an idea of what the upcoming movie might be about. Here’s what you need to look forward to:

Crazy Action

If you have seen the trailers of the film, you can be sure of some insane amounts of action. In one scene, Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron’s characters are racing each other while lifting refrigerators. But this is only a peek of the action that is still to come. Expect crazy stunts, muscle rivalry between the two actors, and Pee Cee joining in on the action.

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Insane Laughter

While there’s plenty of action, there is no lack of comedy in the film. There are several moments from the trailers that leave you in splits, such as Zac’s character lying on top of a dead body, and also as him dressed up as a very chic woman. Meanwhile, Johnson is the serious, yet sarcastic guy, and Pee Cee has some punch lines too.

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Amidst all the drama, there’s an important fact that was not very apparent in the trailers. Baywatch is about lifeguards. The series focused on the life and work of the lifeguards, but the movie seems to be based on some twisted plot around drug trafficking. Nevertheless, there are sure to be many rescue scenes in the ocean.

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Slow Motion Shots

Lifeguards running on the beach in slow motion was the highlight of the Baywatch series. It is what got millions of people to watch the show. We are quite sure that the movies will not miss out on these slow motion shots either. In fact, we have proof! There is a scene in the first trailer with Kelly Rohrbach running on the beach, as Alexandra Daddario and Jon Bass watch her.

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Beach Bods

The sets of the movie are located on the beach, so get ready for a lot of super fit and toned beach bodies. Men in shorts and women in bikinis will grab eyeballs, and even if the story is not engaging enough, there is a lot of eye candy to keep you entertained. Find out how Dwayne Johnson trained to get that body here.

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Pee Cee aka The Greatest Villain Ever

One of the most memorable characters Priyanka Chopra has played was early in her career, in the movie Aitraaz. The negative role got her a Filmfare and a Screen Award. Naturally, we are excited to see her play an antagonist again. Victoria Leeds seems like a formidable character, yet we can’t help but we awed by what we have seen of her in the trailers so far.  

Happy Ending

Baywatch does not seem like the kind of movie that will end on a sour note. Good will triumph over evil, the heroes will beat the villains, and everyone will go home happy. Unfortunately for Pee Cee fans, their role model might not win this time, after all. 

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