Beauty and the Beast: 1991 vs 2017

The live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast recently released worldwide. The tale remains as old as time, but it got many updates for the 21st century. The remake changed several elements of the animated movie that was a part of many childhoods that solved some issues that arose in the old version. Here are the 10 ways the 2017 version is different from the original from 1991: 

Beauty and the Beast 1991 vs 2017 - BookMyShow

Not just her father, Maurice, but Belle also gets to be an inventor in the new Beauty and the Beast. She invents a type of washing machine that enables her to sit and read while the clothes are being washed. She also teaches a girl to read, which the villagers find offensive. 

The Beast
Beauty and the Beast 1991 vs 2017 - BookMyShow

One of the major things we learn about the Beast is that he is well-read. He knows Shakespeare, has read many of the books from the library and appreciates poetry. This was missing in the original movie and explains a lot more about why Belle would fall in love with him. 

The Parents
Beauty and the Beast 1991 vs 2017 - BookMyShow

The story of Belle's mother is told in the new version. The Beast uses a magical book to take him and Belle to her childhood home. We learn her father had to move to a small village with Belle because her mother caught the plague. We also find out about Beast's terrible father who was his only role model after his mother's death, which explains why the prince acted like an arrogant snob. 

Beauty and the Beast 1991 vs 2017 - BookMyShow

In the original Beauty and the Beast, it wasn't explained why the servants continued to be loyal to the Beast after the curse. The 2017 version explains that the servants felt guilty for not being able to shield the prince from his father's bad influence until it was too late. 

The Curse
Beauty and the Beast 1991 vs 2017 - BookMyShow

In the original, the prince was cursed as a 10-year-old boy. In this, he's cursed by The Enchantress as an adult, which makes a lot more sense. There is also no mention of the deadline of the 21st birthday but the curse only has to be reversed before the last petal falls. The new curse also made everyone forget about the castle and its inhabitants explaining why nobody realized it existed until Maurice stumbled upon it. 

The Enchantress
Beauty and the Beast 1991 vs 2017 - BookMyShow

The Enchantress wasn't a part of the original Beauty and the Beast movie besides briefly appearing in the beginning where she curses the prince. In the new version, she shows up in multiple places, even rescuing Maurice from death and leading him to the Beast's castle in the first place.  

Beauty and the Beast 1991 vs 2017 - BookMyShow

Gaston in the original version was bad but the new Gaston is a lot more evil. He attempts to murder Maurice after he gets tired of hearing him deny Belle's hand in marriage, so he ties Maurice up and leaves him in the woods to be attacked by the wolves. He also uses a gun instead of stabbing the Beast, like in the animated Beauty and the Beast. 

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LeFou gets to be more than a sidekick in the new Beauty and the Beast. He has a moral compass and realizes when Gaston goes a bit too far. In the end, he even sides with the castle's residents to fight the villagers, who Gaston had riled up and brought to the castle to kill the Beast. He's also a lot more extravagant in the 2017 version, and the makers have confirmed that he is in love with Gaston. 

More Modern  

There are characters of multiple races in the new Beauty and the Beast, which is a stark contrast to the all-white animated version. Apart from having a gay character, it also has a brief trans scene where a man is pleased to be dressed as a woman. The 2017 version is a reflection of the current society, and embraces the modern outlook which is meant to be more relatable to the audience. 

New Characters
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The 2017 remake also gave us new characters absent from the original. The wardrobe, Madame Garderobe, was present in the animated version as well, but now she's married to the harpsichord player who has turned into a harpsichord, Maestro Cadenza. We also meet Mr. Potts and Mrs. Cogsworth, who had forgotten about their partners because of the curse. 

Beauty and the Beast 1991 vs 2017 - BookMyShow

There are three new songs in the new Beauty and the Beast – Days In The SunHow Does A Moment Last Forever, and lastly, Evermore, which is sung by the Beast. There are some changes to the lyrics to the original songs to make it more appropriate to the modern audience as well. 

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