As children, we often heard of fairy tales. Not surprisingly, we believed in them too. Then life caught up. We grew up. Surprisingly, the child inside us never did! In a world which is so guarded and fearful, it really does not hurt to have a fairy tale like experience once in a while, does it?

This is one of the reasons why Beauty And The Beast never ceases to amaze young and old alike. A tale as old as time, this story has been adapted in many different forms over the years; and each time, it runs packed houses. Moving on from theatre and musicals, Disney’s latest release is going to be Beauty And The Beast- the movie.

If you’ve seen the trailer, from the flashes, you’ll agree that screenwriters Stephen Chbosky and Evan Spiliotopoulos, and director Bill Condon have done a commendable job. Although you know exactly what to expect from the storyline, the way that it comes alive on screen is sure to woo you. With the grandiose of the story, the old palace feels, the paced scenes packed with action and undying energy and of course the stars, this one is one movie that the makers seem to have made with a lot of love for the original source material.

Talking about the star cast, the movie is also being talked about because of Emma Watson. The Harry Potter star has managed to garner a huge fan following from her performances in the series. She not only adds the princess like feels to the movie, but also helps design the character with her innate intelligence- exactly how the original Belle of the story was.

The special effects in any Disney movie are generally the best in business and here too, we are assuming that the makers will not disappoint. The fantastical way in which they are shown in the trailer and enigmatic way in which it keeps the audience engaged and asking for more are the elements that make it so special.

Being one of the movies in 2017 that the audience is looking forward to, what remains to be seen is if this animated classic falls true on these expectations. The trailer, without a doubt looks promising, but will the enchantment really work? Will the beauty find her prince? Let’s wait and watch!

With tickets soon being available on our website, it’s time to tune in and book yours as soon as they are available.