Beauty Mark is a 9-minute long short film by Cameron Thrower. He is one of the filmmakers who was selected by Kevin Spacey, Trigger Street Productions, and Maggie Gyllenhaal to convert his short film dream into reality.

Beauty Mark
When life gives you an opportunity like this, you hope to hell that you do a great job. Cameron Thrower obviously succeeded in doing just that. Beauty Mark starring the lovely and immensely talented Maggie Gyllenhaal is a touching and inspiring queer short film. Maggie plays the role of a 1986 door-to-door cosmetics saleswoman. Proud to be beauty Valerie for her company, she firmly believes it is the best job out there, and her true calling, after all, as she puts it – "What more could a woman in 1986 ask for?"

Valerie loves her job because it gives her purpose. On one of her daily calls, she helps someone find theirs. The short has taken a lovely take on queer acceptance. Cameron Thrower’s direction is germane, and yet he is able to be creative with the content of the film. Beauty Mark certainly gives us a little lesson on care and love. 

Watch this incredibly simple and touching short. Do tell us hat you thought about it in the comments below.