An odd title. First look, leads to a double take. Then on closer inspection, you realize that it is Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo on the poster. Hold on, is that a guitar case? With that your curiosity is piqued. Trust me, once (no pun intended) that happens, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Directed by John Carney, (guess which other film he directed) this movie takes you and makes you lose yourself in a sea of emotions. With music being a big part of the film, the world seems to fade away as the strum of the guitar make everything better. This is a movie about life’s breaks, both the tough ones and the lucky ones. A sweet film with a human message about picking up the pieces and taking a chance.

Begin Again was a revelation to say the least. A movie about music which didn’t shout about it or glorify it. A film that gives you these very human characters and their flaws and you learn to love them, feel for them and in turn you are shown this world where they are alive and breathing. Keira Knightley plays Gretta who is about to leave the city. Mark Ruffalo plays Dan, a once legendary but now washed-up music producer. A chance meeting and sparks fly. Creative big-bang? No… a human interaction which takes place. The film is about dusting yourself off when you’ve fallen, and then the ordeal of getting up again to face the worst that life has to offer. With James Corden, Adam Levine and Hailee Steinfeld rounding off the cast, you are given this beautiful showcase of humans. Each of them have their goals, their secret desires and dreams. Beautifully directed by John Carney, the movie starts off in a unique fashion. You are introduced to the two primary characters, but it isn’t what it seems. I would suggest you don’t miss the starting at all costs. It will be worth watching it on the big screen. Then there is the part where you will watch the magic happen. The world of the music industry is given its due. There is a subtle ribbing about manufactured music where Dan goes head to head with his ex-music partner Saul (played by Mos Def, in a suit… who knew). The story takes off from the chance meeting of Dan and Gretta. You get to see his motivating factors and his frailties. You get to see her pain and her emotions. On the whole, they both represent parts of our lives when fate has dealt us a bad hand. In the midst of this, you get to see New York city in all it’s glory. The hidden beauty and little things that make it one of the best cities in the world. All the while, you will be carried by marvelous music. A film about the best and worst times in human life and how, if we are lucky, they coincide with each other. 
Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo really essay their roles. Keira brings a sense of quiet beauty to the character of Gretta. Sublime and enchanting, Gretta makes you feel for her. While Mark does his best as Dan. A man whose life is leading nowhere, without hope and clinging at straws. The journey they start together will make you smile. They are wonderful to watch together. Adam Levine does a good job in the movie. He isn’t just a musician playing a musician, but he acts. Albeit, not too much, but he does. James Corden does his bit, passably. Hailee Steinfeld is a treat. She does her character of Dan’s daughter justice. What really makes the film is the chemistry between Gretta and Dan. The director makes you believe in them. As the film progresses, their world begins to encompass you and you will feel that connection with Gretta and Dan.
Why should you watch this film? 
A beautiful story about two people whose lives have been given set-backs. They find each other and in helping each other, they start to move forward. The pain which they feel passes and hope blooms again. Beautifully shot with amazing music, which you will enjoy and sing along to, this film makes it an all-round treat for the senses. Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo bring a connection to life within the film. You will thoroughly enjoy the movie and you will be left wanting for more at the end of it. And you will want it to “Begin Again.” 

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