Rajkumar Rao is having quite a year! First, his role in Trapped was well-appreciated by critics as well as the audience, even though it wasn’t the typical masala movie we are used to. His other film, Newton, won the International Federation of Art Cinemas at the Berlin Film Festival this year. And now, he is starring in yet another movie, which is slated to release on the 2nd of June. Unlike Rao’s other films, this one seems like the kind that the masala-loving audience will thoroughly enjoy. Also starring Shruti Haasan and Gautam GulatiBehen Hogi Teri is filled with music, dance, romance, and lots of laughs.

What makes this a typical Indian movie? The lead is a young guy (Rajkumar Rao) named Gattu, who is in love with a girl, but her family stands in the way of them being together. As for the girl (Shruti Haasan), Binny likes guys who will make an effort for her. She hardly seems to have any dialogues, but she does have a large (kind of orthodox) family, who does all the talking on her behalf. A tough brother, who is overprotective of his little sister, parents who want their daughter to be married to a suitable boy (enter Gautam Gulati), and relatives who keep a track of her every move. Gattu definitely has a lot of work to do if he wants to be with the girl he loves. But he is no Rahul (Bollywood name for ‘charming boy who always gets the girl’). He represents all those regular Indian boys, who have no idea how to woo a girl and her family. Another classic from the ‘80s film, Shaan, has been reprised for this film, which was originally sung by Mohammed RafiAsha BhosleUsha Mangeshkar, and Kishore Kumar.  

What makes Behen Hogi Teri unique? It challenges the Indian pledge that all Indians are brothers and sisters. Indian guys are sick of being friend-zoned and even worse, brother-zoned. Their ideas of romance are too filmy, while real life, unfortunately, is not. Blame Rahul all you want but Gattu is about to learn what it takes to be a real man.

Catch the trailer of the film here: