Is he suited for the role?

Warner Brothers have announced that Ben Affleck will play Batman in the upcoming 2015-sequel to Man Of Steel. Question is, will he do justice to the role? Specially after the impeccable Christian Bale?
Yes, Ben Affleck did play Daredevil quite well, and though the movie didn’t really do well, it did strike a chord with a lot of comic book fanatics, if you leave aside the very slaphappy Elektra angle. But the main question that a lot of Batman fans (Comic Book and Movie, alike) will be asking themselves if Batman can be well-portrayed by Ben Affleck. Sure, some of his roles such as those in Argo, The Town, Pearl Harbor and more, do sway away from his chocolate boy looks, but Batman? The acuteness, the fervor and the vehemence needed to play Batman is something that is not very easy to do. He may just surprise us all but there is still a bit of skepticism about him playing the role.

There are other actors who could have been considered for the role of Batman. On one side, it would have been great if Bale would have come back to play Batman. Watching Henry Cavill and Bale together would have been great to watch.

Other possible actors who could have played Batman:

Mark Wahlberg
Yes, he is kinda short, but then come on, he is also an actor par excellence. His acting skills have been proven time and again in movies like The Fighter, The Departed, The Italian Job and more.  And about the height. He can wear heels, no?

Stephen Amell
A lot of people may have not heard his name. He is the protagonist of a series called Arrow (Based on DC’s Green Arrow). His role as “The Hood” in Arrow is scintillating and coruscating. The intensity of his character will give you goosebumps.

Eric Bana
As bizarre as it may sound, Eric Bana, in our opinion, will do justice to Batman. He is a little suave in his approach to acting but nonetheless he just may be suit the role.

Ed Norton
If you have seen this man’s performances in American History X, Hulk and Fight Club, you may agree that he may just fit into the role of Batman. Very intense, acting skills that will leave the audience spellbound and most of all there is this very uncanny flamboyance about him!

Now, we are sure that Ben Affleck may just end up doing a stupendous job as Batman. His role in and as Daredevil was quite nice and he did play the part with utmost ease. There are a lot of similarities between the “intensities” of Daredevil and Batman. The losses, the madness, the anti-hero attitude and the cops who hate these Superheroes.
For what it’s worth, just in case Snyder decides to change his mind, the above actors will suit the role perfectly. On the other hand, we are really hoping that Ben Affleck kills it as Batman!
And we all would like it if there would be another Batman movie, wouldn’t we?

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