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5 reasons why everyone needs to watch CHAAMP

There’s a myth that in India, the only sport where players have a future is Cricket. To some extent it’s a reality as the players from other sports field are given less facilities and have to go through a lot of pain. Still, their sheer grit of determination helps them overcome all the hurdles and shows the world that what all it takes to become a true champ.

Chaamp is a story of one such boxer who overcame all the odds and emerged as the World Champion.

Here, we will give you five reasons why you need to watch the film without fail.

First of its kind

Chaamp is the first Bengali sports oriented film that has captured the boxing ring, unimaginable in Bengal. It speaks of the rise, fall and rise of a simpleton who believes in his sports . Dev's enactment of Shivaji Sanyal is outstanding. The dedication and hard work are visible on screen and is sure to inspire the audience. 

The physical transformation

For the first time, Dev will be seen flaunting his Six Pack Abs. But, hold on, the physical transformation for the role was not a cakewalk for the actor. He first had to put on weight, which was almost 100 Kgs and then he reduced those extra kilos to present himself as a professional boxer. Kudos to the commitment of Dev as he tortured his body just to meet the character's requirements.

The Actor’s strict routine

Till the film shooting was completed, the actor was on a strict routine. Apart from the physical transformation, he took the professional boxing training. For every boxing fight sequence, he was not allowed to take water for at least three days before the shooting of the sequences. The diet was so strict that he had to intake food which was both salt & sugarless. Isn't that painful? But, clearly Dev was so focussed which is very much evident in the film

The promising debut

With Chaamp, Rukmini Maitra made her debut in the Bengali film industry. She is a supermodel who has left everyone surprised with her outstanding performance. She has made it clear that she is here to stay.

The multiple music directors

This is the first time in the Bengali film industry where three of the biggest music directors, Jeet Gannguli, Anupam Roy and Raftaar have composed music for a single film. This is the debut film of Raftaar who is the current musical heartthrob of the nation.

So, without even a second thought, book your tickets now and we are sure, you won’t be disappointed. We wish you a very happy weekend.