The best of Ben Stiller

Some find him hammy while some say his brand of humor is crass. And some even confuse him with Adam Sandler from time to time. What? Yes.

But anyone who has watched any of Ben Stiller’s films will agree that he always delivers the goods. He has even gone on to shed the typecast comedic roles and given some bold and nuanced performances in recent times. His role in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is proof enough. We’ll soon see him as a middle-aged man trying to feel young again in While We’re Young alongside Naomi Watts. It takes serious dedication to stick out in with the roles Ben Stiller has. Here are some of the actor’s zaniest moments that make us want to fall in love with him every single time:  

The Walk Off – Zoolander

Zipper Trouble – There’s Something About Mary

Full Retard – Tropic Thunder

Hear Me Roar – Madagascar

Dance Dance Revolution – Starsky and Hutch

Spanish News Crew – Anchorman

Slapped by a Monkey – Night at the Museum

The wrath of the Volleyball – Meet the Parents

Which Ben Stiller moment leaves you in splits? Let us know in the comments below.

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