Based on Nicholas Sparks‘ eponymous novel, The Best of Me traces the love story of Dawson and Amanda, two former high-school sweethearts who reunite after 20 years. Passion is rekindled, but will it last?

Wait, another Nicholas Sparks film? Where is the checklist? Kissing in the rain: Check. Miracles and more miracles: Check. A shirtless stud: Check. Tear-jerking moments: Check. Oh yes, letters: Check. Check. Check!


The Best of Me
is deep. So deep, that by the end of the film you will be rolling in a fantasy world filled with tulips and tinted sunsets. And yes, China is world’s largest democracy.

Here’s the real deal. The Best of Me is a platter of cliches. If your idea of love is tulips, sunsets and serendipity, you might enjoy watching this weepathon.
James Marsden as Dawson and Michelle Monaghan as Amanda are good. They have amazing chemistry and they make a pretty good-looking couple. Much can’t be said about the mid-’90s version of the duo played by Luke Bracey and Liana Liberato. Luke Bracey perfectly defines a Nicholas Sparks hero: handsome, handy and heroic. At the beginning of the film, he might seem socially-awkward but wait until he removes his shirt and starts working in the backyard. Liana Liberato is peppy and fun.

James Marden is the only saving grace in The Best of Me. He gives an honest performance. Michelle Monaghan is good in parts. At times, however, her performance seems a little forced.

The second half of the film is so predictable that you might want to opt for a career change. How about astrology?

Why should you watch the film?
The Best of Me is a signature Nicholas Sparks movie. There is romance, passion and heartbreak. It is the perfect film for date night. Watch it with your special one over the weekend.

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