Jordan Peele is celebrating his 38th birthday today, while his wife, Chelsea Peretti celebrated her birthday yesterday. He is a comedian and actor known for his work with Keegan-Michael Key in the sketch show Key and Peele. Jordan has since worked in movies like Keanu and the upcoming horror movie Get Out. For three years, this Comedy Central series made us laugh our hearts out and now we get to see them endlessly on YouTube. They cover various topics from popular culture to racial relations in their sketches. Whatever the sketch might be about, they all have perfect comedic timing in common. These are the best sketches you can make references to and become the ultimate Key and Peele expert. 

Substitute teacher 

With over a billion views and counting, this is the most popular sketch of the show. You'll never pronounce names the same way again. Key plays a substitute teacher who gets the student's name wrong, but nobody can dare to correct him. Peele's bit at the end is the perfect punchline to this comic sketch. 

Anger Translator

Barack Obama's calm demeanor in speeches is a whole other language that needs a translation. Peele plays Obama and Key is Luther, Obama's anger translator. Obama might not be in office anymore, but we have this farewell address that shows some of the best of political humor. 

Pizza Order 

Have you ever pretended to have extra people when you order more food than you should be eating by yourself? Have you fallen in love with someone you haven't even talked to? This pizza order is an emotional rollercoaster on both ends of the phone call. 

Continental Breakfast 

Jordan Peele features prominently in this sketch. Every dialogue is this is pure comedy. Peele gets inside our heads to our true feelings when eating a buffet. Get your fpoons ready to have what you're having. 

Auction Block 

This sketch shows Key and Peele's ability to take a dark taboo topic and make it hilarious in a way that's not disrespectful. Key and Peele's insecurities surface the longer they go unowned during the slave auction. You'll laugh, but this will also make you think. 

Which of these Key and Peele sketches did you like the best? Let us know in the comments below.