Admit it! Modern Family is one of the best comedy series on television today! And what makes it legendary? Its awesomely written episodes and perfectly adorable characters. The show does not hold back when it comes to challenging the norms and is only getting better with each passing season. And with every glorious season, comes a bunch of special guest appearances, which make us hit the pause button to check if it really is who we believe it to be. There is no dearth of great cameos in the show, but the following actors took the cake:

13. Philip Baker Hall as Walt Kleezak

The seasoned actor played the Dunphys’ neighbor and war veteran who took personal liking to Luke. He even played video games with the boy and taught him gardening. Walt Kleezak appeared a couple of more times on the show, before the character passed away, putting Claire in an awkward spot.

12. Danny Trejo as Gus

Claire and Gloria don’t particularly see eye-to-eye. Especially when Gloria is upturning Claire’s perfectly in-control regime. So when Gloria steps in to help organize the school dance, Claire can’t help but feel helpless. Mostly because she can’t converse in Spanish with Gus – our very own Machete!

11. Billy Dee Williams as Himself

Billy Dee Williams does not play a character. The character plays Billy Dee Williams. The highlight of his cameo is when he introduces himself to Gloria, and she responds with, “I am Gloria, D wife”.

10. Rob Riggle as Gil Thorpe

The permanent Thorpe in Phil’s lovely real estate garden, Gil, as played by Rob Riggle – a slimy, double-stepping realtor, who not only steals Phil’s clients from him but says some nasty things about his wife. Jeez, Gil, put a brake on that mouth of yours!

9. Minnie Driver as Valerie

All Claire wants to prove to her supremely successful friend Valerie is that she made the right decision by marrying Phil and staying home to look after the kids. But her family is out to prove her wrong. As usual. 

8. Jesse Eisenberg as Asher

The Social Network star challenged Mitchelle’s environmental concerns by playing an eco nut who took the green revolution way too seriously. Good thing Mitchelle proved him wrong, by wrecking his front yard.

7. Josh Gad as Kenneth

Kenneth is everything Phil wanted to be. Except for the fact that Kenneth is a 20-something millionaire, and Phil is in his 40s, and married to Claire – the crusher of his dreams.

6. Edward Norton as Izzy LaFontaine

To this day, people won’t believe you if you said Edward Norton had a cameo on Modern Family. Well, here’s proof. He played a part of the famous ’80s band, Spandau Ballet. And he rocked. Well, sort of.

5. Matt Dillon as Robbie Sullivan

Meeting your high school boyfriend is never a good idea. But if your mother is the paranoid DeDe, then you will have to meet him anyways. And your mother will even date him to rub it in your face.

4. Matthew Broderick as Dave 

Phil invites Dave (aka Ferris Bueller), his gym buddy home for a man-date when he has the house to himself. Little does Phil know that Dave is in fact Cameron’s gay friend who just wants to get back in the dating game. Poor Phil.

3. David Cross as Duane Bailey

Duane Bailey is the Lex Luthor to Claire’s Superman (If Superman had three kids and wanted to control every little thing, that is). The ever-conflicting characters of Duane Bailey and Claire Pritchett just give the show many of its iconic moments.

His cameo also gave us this auto-tuned gem from Phil:

2. James Marsden as Barry

If you own a giant doll house, better check for them wayward James Marsdens in there. They even take baths in your mini pool and mesmerize you with their hotness. Like Mitchell, you might miss the Reiki treatment though.

1. Nathan Lane as Pepper Saltzman

And our top spot is taken by the ever-charismatic Nathan Lane, who plays a slightly toned down version of his Birdcage character as Pepper. He is flamboyant nevertheless and lights up the scene every time he cameos on the show. 

Currently in its sixth season, Modern Family offers more laughs and more brilliant cameos. Let us know who won your heart over with their cameo in the comments section below.

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