What goes into creating a TV show title sequence? Opening credits of some shows are not so elaborate as compared to others. Most producers, these days, simply decide to have a 10-15 second clip with the show’s title, as seen in Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. On the other hand, some title sequences try and capture the essence of the show in their 30-second long clips. Fans of popular shows grow accustomed to the theme song as much as the shows themselves, and these tracks remain as a sweet reminder of the show, once it is over. We have consolidated a list of 14 most memorable TV show intros and what they are based on. Take a look to see if your favorite shows have made the cut.
Based on the locations seen in the show
Game of Thrones – Gives a glimpse of the Seven Kingdoms and the regions beyond
Sherlock – Takes you through London and the famous cases of Sherlock Holmes
Based on graphic content
Dexter – Basically porn for a serial killer
True Blood – Disturbing and riveting at the same time 
Based on characters
F.R.I.E.N.D.S – Shows the six main characters
Watch the intro for all 10 seasons here. 
Sons of Anarchy – Includes the main and supporting characters
Based on the title track
Outlander – Features The Skye Boat Song with music by Bear McCreary 
Pretty Little Liars – Features Secret by The Pierces
Based on the ‘feel good’ factor
Weeds – Sets a soft, fun mood with the song Little Boxes by Malvina Reynolds
Downton Abbey – Creates a light, dreamy mood with its piano sequence 
Based on the theme
Transparent – Brings together a montage of transgender identity through the years
Orange is the New Black – Uses actual prisoners and their mugshots 
Based on psychedelic visuals
Doctor Who – Creates a psychedelic feel interspersed with its time travelling concept
Orphan Black – Uses trippy visuals involving biology and DNA, which is the premise of the show
The Big Bang Theory – Puts various historical discoveries & innovations together in a colorful way