Edgar Wright's Baby Driver is going to hit the screens in India on 30th June, but it already released in other countries and is getting positive reactions from critics and audiences worldwide, making it the coolest movie this summer. There's a lot of buzz about the making of what is being claimed to be one of the most unique action movies of the decade. If you're craving to know more after reading our Baby Driver review and have already found out how flawless it is, here are five Baby Driver facts that will blow you away:

Baby Driver has been 22 years in the making

Edgar Wright Baby Driver Facts - BookMyShow

While hearing the song 'The Bellbottoms' by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion 22 years ago, Edgar Wright got the idea to set a car chase to it. It's been 10 years since he started researching for it, six years since he wrote the script and three years since he decided it would be his next film. Now, 22 years later, 'The Bellbottoms' track forms the opening scene for Baby Driver. 

Edgar Wright has tested Baby Driver's style before

In 2003, Edgar Wright directed a music video where he tested out the style that would eventually form the basis of Baby Driver. You can see it in its developing stages, but it is in Baby Driver that Edgar Wright's idea is presented in perfection.

Baby Driver is only 5% CGI

Edgar Wright chose to use minimal CGI in the film and all the sleek action that you see on-screen is 95% real stunts. Edgar Wright consulted the Mad Max: Fury Road director, George Miller, on how to use practical effects with cars. Edgar Wright brought together a team of experts and excellent stunt drivers who went on to create excellent action sequences for Baby Driver. 

Edgar Wright's next movie was going to be Ant-Man

Edgar Wright Baby Driver Facts - BookMyShow

Edgar Wright was closely associated with the making of Ant-Man for a decade. It was only due to creative differences that Edgar Wright had to drop out of making Ant-Man at the last minute. Edgar Wright didn't see Ant-Man and hasn't even seen the trailer, but we're glad chose to pursue his passion project, Baby Driver next. 

The cast was almost completely different

Edgar Wright Baby Driver Facts - BookMyShow

With the long time that Baby Driver has been in development, many actors were considered for different roles. Emma Stone was going to play Baby's love interest Deborah, but she dropped out for La La Land and the British actress Lily James eventually nabbed the part. Chloë Grace Moretz was also attached to Baby Driver at one point. The role of Doc, which is played by Kevin Spacey, was going to go to Michael Douglas, who went on to play Hank Pym in Ant-Man due to Edgar Wright. The only actor that remains unchanged since the first table read years ago is Jon Hamm, whose role of Buddy was basically written for him. 

Bonus Fact: It's named after a Simon and Garfunkel's song, Baby Driver. Although it's not confirmed, even the character might be named after it. You can hear the song here:

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