Verdict: A moving film about a genius artist and a kind human being.

Bhaai – Vyakti Kee Valli released early in January. Bhaai is about P. L. Deshpande or PuLa, one of the most beloved Marathi playwrights and authors of our time. The first part of this biopic took us through PuLa’s initial years as an upcoming writer, playwright, and musician. Bhaai – Vyakti Kee Valli Part 2 takes the first part and multiplies your involvement in PuLa’s life. Book for the first part if you haven’t seen that already.

What’s Bhai – Vyakti Ki Valli Part 2 About:

Bhaai – Vyakti Kee Valli Part 2 covers PuLa’s (played by Sagar Deshmukh and Vijay Kenkre) life as an artist, as a person, as a husband, and as a friend. The film showcases his relationships with musical geniuses like Kumar Gandharva, Bhimsen Joshi, Vasant Deshpande, with politico Bala Saheb Thackeray, and with social worker Baba Amte. Right from the beginning, Bhaai gives you a glimpse into the life of a magnificent man PuLa and his better half Sunita. Feeling so close to PuLa is both moving and overwhelming, frankly.

What Works:

If you are anything like me, you have fallen in love with PuLa’s art and literature over and over again. You’ve probably idolized him in your mind and you’d expect the film to show you exactly that. Director Mahesh Manjrekar exactly knows how we feel about him and presents a picture that’s so satisfying and wholesome to watch. Manjrekar covers the various social work undertaken by the Deshpande couple, especially their involvement with Baba Amte’s Anandvan and their own trust Muktangan. And yet nowhere does the narration feel whitewashed. You can totally imagine PuLa doing all of those kind things and being a positive life force. Even his differences of opinions with Vijay Tendulkar and Thackeray have been depicted realistically. Bhaai also features appearances from PuLa’s book Vyakti Ani Valli and Girish Kulkarni’s performance is to watch out for in the tiny but impressive role.

The film highlights the beautiful bond he had with his wife Sunita (played by Irawati Harshe) where they were more than just spouses. They were the closest of friends who understood each other’s art and respected each other’s intellect – it feels like they complete each other. One scene has PuLa performing Naach Re Mora for the kids of Anandvan. You can feel his childlike sense of wonder and kindness and it moves you to tears. The film features many yesteryear musical virtuosos and this one also has mehfils that will give you goosebumps. Bhaai celebrates the PuLa as an artist and as a person, with a narration that’s simple but soulful and inspired, like the man himself.

What Could’ve Been Better:

There is nothing that could’ve made this film better. Bhaai is supposed to be watched with your heart and it delivers.

Why You Should Watch:

If you haven’t booked for the first part, Bhaai – Vyakti Kee Valli, do so right away. After that, you won’t any reasons to convince you to see the second part. Like the first part, Bhaai – Vyakti Kee Valli Part 2 is also nourishing for your soul. Just when you think you cannot love PuLa more, Manjrekar pulls the rug from under your feet and gives you Bhaai – Vyakti Kee Valli Part 2.