Verdict: Grab the first chance to go watch The Big Sick.

After being screened at various film festivals and gaining much love from the critics and audience alike, The Big Sick is all set to release this, albeit in a limited fashion.

We have Kumail Nanjiani playing the lead – Kumail – a young man from a Pakistani family, trying to establish himself as a stand-up comic, while supporting himself driving cabs. One evening, while performing his routine in a bar, he gets heckled by a girl, Emily (Zoe Kazan, effortlessly amazing), who instantly catches his eye. He later goes over to talk to her and soon one thing leads to another. However, they both realize that the one night stand they both had on their minds is now turning into a serious relationship. Back home, Kumail's family (read mom) is trying to set him up with a “nice Pakistani girl”. It's endearing how she thinks she is being smooth but she is just being a mom. Kumail's father (Anupam Kher) is typical Pakistani guy, who is not above giving style tips to his sons. Kumail is apprehensive of being ousted by his family and doesn't tell them about Emily. Emily finds out about this and walks away hurt. A few weeks later, she falls sick…big time. And this changes Kumail's life, to say the least.

Zoe Kazan (Emily) and Kumail in The Big Sick - Review - BookMyShow

One thing that strikes you as a viewer is the treatment of the film (take a bow, Michael Showalter). The Big Sick is so…well…normal. The characters are real who react like real people to things happening around them. The characters, probably because they are based on real people or because the writing is kickass, are so well-written. Consequentially, they translate into actual human beings on the screen, instead of being just actors. Emily's parents are a strong contrast to Kumail's, which is never explicitly said but you see it so clearly. The same can be said about Emily's equation with her parents and Kumail's with his. Kumail's struggle to be accepted as a stand-up comic in both his home and outside is as real as it gets. In his words, “There is an hierarchy…doctor, engineer, lawyer, ISIS and then stand-up comic”. He is also struggling to deal with his own emotions and his family's. Emily's big sick changes a lot of things for the better for Kumail and you, as a viewer, will be delighted to witness and be with him through this journey, that's guaranteed.

Although Anupam Kher doesn't have much screen time, he shines and how! Zenobia Shroff is very endearing as Kumail's mother. Holly Hunter plays the part of Emily's mother effortlessly. Ray Romano has given a heartfelt performance as Emily's imperfect and doting father, who is trying to keep things in control, including the emotions, but failing at it, like a normal person. He is so delightful in the movie; no wonder everybody loves Raymond. You know a movie is going to be funny when the supporting cast comprises of comedians like Bo Burnham (big fan!) and Aidy Bryant.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

The Big Sick has (almost) no fluff and unwanted, over-the-top melodrama. It has a strong script that delivers the promised comedy, a rare phenomenon. The characters are relatable and refreshingly unfilmy. Kumail comes through as a writer, as an actor and as a comedian. It is the perfect film for people who are hungry for good cinema and it must not be missed.