Popular television show, Bigg Boss is returning with its ninth season. Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan once again be the host. The tagline this season is “Double Trouble” and the contestants are supposed to arrive in pairs. It’s also reported that Salman too has “doubled” his fees and will earn a whopping Rs. 8 crore per episode. Like every year, there are many lists of probable contestants doing the rounds, but the makers always surprise us with few. We’re sure there’ll be loads of drama, another love story and innumerable fights this season too. Here’s a look at the celebrities (if we could call them that) who made headlines for their antics in the Bigg Boss house in the past:
Dolly Bindra
She was probably the loudest contestant across all seasons. She had a lot of verbal spats with Manoj Tiwari and Shweta Tiwari. Bindra was thrown out of the house for her unruly behaviour but was brought back soon enough. After her re-­entry, she mellowed down and became really friendly with the other contestants.
Kamaal R Khan
Today, Kamaal R Khan may be known for his tweets and YouTube videos, but his first claim to fame was in the Bigg Boss house. He was a contestant in Season Three and used to be very abusive in the house. Once, he got into a heated argument with designer, Rohit Verma and even hurled a bottle at him. Kamaal was asked to leave the Bigg Boss house, due to this.
Pooja Misrra
VJ-­turned­-model, Pooja Misrra was termed as the Dolly Bindra of Bigg Boss Season 5. Initially, she broke stuff around the kitchen and later was even accused of stealing a fellow contestant’s waistband. What finally prompted the makers to evict her from the house was her physical fight with Siddharth Bhardwaj. Siddharth had threatened to walk out of the house if Pooja continued to stay. That very night, she was evicted from the show.
Rakhi Sawant
Rakhi Sawant must have been the biggest reason for Bigg Boss to get so popular in its first season. She had numerous fights with Kashmira Shah. At a point, Sawant even threatened to commit suicide on the show. Some blame it on Kashmira, who turned many contestants against Rakhi; thus alienating her.
VJ Andy
In a particular task, VJ Andy passed some lewd comments about Gauhar Khan. This angered Kushal Tandon, who was very close to Khan. He even hit Andy and had to be pacified by the rest, including Gauhar. Andy was a troublemaker, who would instigate everyone and at the opening ceremony, he rubbed Salman Khan the wrong way by imitating him.