Binge-watching TV shows is the new cool. Online streaming services are more popular than ever. Netflix seems to have caught up by releasing all the episodes of their original shows in one go. Waiting a week for the new episode has quickly become old-fashioned. If you're one of those who hates cliffhangers and wants to get done with a series as soon as possible, binge-watching is for you. 

There are many mistakes you could make as a binge-watching amateur. We're here to help you take your binge-watching to the next level. Here is how you can binge-watch like a pro

Clear Your Schedule

There's nothing worse to ruin binge-watching than being interrupted. Free your schedule so you don't have to worry about anything else. Depending on the show, it can take you anywhere from four to twenty or more hours to finish. This makes weekends the best time to binge-watch. 
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Prep Your Food 

This isn't the time to prepare a three-course meal. Order in food that doesn't require much effort to eat, because, at this point, it's just fuel to sustain you through the binge-watching session. Grab some snacks and order a pizza, because you are in for the long haul. 
Binge-watching guide - BookMyShow

Pick the Perfect Show 

Now comes the most important part. You have to figure out the perfect show because you will be spending a lot of time with it. It's always best to pick a show that has complete seasons. Never make the mistake of binge-watching a show that's currently airing mid-season. 
Binge-watching guide - BookMyShow

Line Up the Episodes

If you're using Netflix or Amazon Prime and have unreliable internet connectivity, make sure to have all the episodes saved offline before you start watching. You can also go old-school and get a DVD or Blu-Ray box set of the show. 
Binge-watching guide - BookMyShow

Have Backups 

There's no shame having a backup show. Some shows might be heavy and wear you out so have a light show as a backup.  For example, take a break with Modern Family while watching Man in the High Castle. Of course, you could always take a break from the screen, but why would you want to? 
Binge-watching guide - BookMyShow

Do you have any other binge-watching tips we missed out? What shows are you planning to watch? Let us know in the comments below.