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When Celebs Were Dumped Over The Phone

Our lives revolve around our phones. Calls, messages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp– we cannot live without them! Technology has now advanced so much, that we can use our phones to do pretty much everything. Even socializing does not require us to be within physical proximity of people. When the situation is especially uncomfortable, a chat over the phone always seems like the preferable option. And what causes more discomfort than a breakup? Not just normal people, even celebs are using phones as their medium of dumping their SOs. Voicemails, texts, WhatsApp messages are the go-to choices rather than a one-on-one conversation. Take a look at the celebrities who were dumped over the phone:

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Katy Perry

Remember when the Dark Horse singer used to be married to comedian Russell Brand? According to Katy, Brand ended their marriage via a text message saying he wanted a divorce.

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Jennifer Aniston

As Rachel, Aniston left her fiancé at the altar, dumped Ross countless times, and even broke Joey’s heart. But in reality, she was left heartbroken, first by her husband Brad Pitt, and later by singer John Mayer, who broke up with her by text message.  

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Taylor Swift

Over the years, the Bad Blood singer has been linked to many men, and each split became more scandalous than the last. But Joe Jonas takes the cake of bad breakups when he dumped her through a 27-second voice message.

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Calvin Harris

Taylor later did the bad deed herself when she split from the Summer singer after his car accident. Apparently, she called him on the phone, saying she needed some space.

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Perrie Edwards

Zayn Malik once admitted being dumped over the phone before he became famous. He later used the same technique on his fiancée to end their relationship.

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Kevin Federline

Oops, she did it again! Britney Spears broke Federline’s heart when she texted him saying that she was filing for divorce. The incident was broadcasted in the MuchMusic documentary show, Exposed.

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Charlie Sheen

Breaking up with someone over text seems like something Sheen would do. But he was the one who was dumped, by Bree Olsen in 2011.

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Simon Cowell

The former American Idol judge publicly announced that his ex-girlfriend and television presenter Terri Seymour ended their relationship via a text message. If Cowell didn’t deserve it, we might have felt sad for him.  

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Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez dated the Sorry singer on and off for years. During one of their splits, Gomez was so enraged by Bieber’s intoxicated state, that she reportedly ended it via a text message.

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Nargis Fakhri

It’s shocking to think that popular model/actress Nargis Fakhri was dating Bollywood homeboy Uday Chopra. Their relationship ended when Chopra sent her a message on Whatsapp saying it was over. We shall give you a minute to let that sink in!

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