Is Rick Deckard a replicant or a detective who has been hired by LAPD to track down and retire humanoids? This is a question that has sparked many debates over the years, all thanks to the ambiguous ending of the original Blade Runner. No matter how many times you watch the film, directed by Ridley Scott, or immerse yourself in all the fan theories, you would never be very sure of the ending. And that’s the best thing about such movies that totally mess around with your head. This is one of the reasons why Blade Runner is considered to be one of the top sci-fi movies that have ever been made.

And to keep the suspense alive, Warner Bros. is all set to release Blade Runner 2049, the sequel of this film on October 6, 2017 – almost 35 years since the release of the original movie. So, all you Blade Runner fans out there, don’t forget to save the date!
Blade runner 2049 still

Directed by Denis Villeneuve and produced by Ridley Scott, this particular edition promises to take you to the next level with the help of crisp VFX, which maintains the essence of Blade Runner. And when you take a look at the trailer of this film, you realize that they haven't given away the story but have definitely managed to fuel your curiosity.

“I had your job once. I was good at it.” – Rick Deckard

“Things were simpler then.” – Officer K

The face-off between Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling is real and intense enough to make you believe that Blade Runner 2049 is really happening. Seems surreal, right? Wait until you find out about the rest of the cast. Jared LetoAna de Armas, and Robin Wright will also be seen in this film; try to wrap your head around that!
Blade Runner 2049 still 2

Now the real question is, will this film provide answers to all the fan theories from the first film or will it just open up a new dimension and introduce another cliffhanger moment? Whatever may be the outcome, based on the cast and the trailer of this film, the fans are assured that the film is in the right hands and it’s going to be worth the wait.

So, if you haven’t watched the trailer yet, you can watch it here: