Mark Ruffalo, who gained worldwide popularity when he became the man behind the green giant with anger issues, has been delivering exemplary performances since way before that. After struggling for about 10 years and 800 auditions, he made his screen debut in an episode of CBS Playhouse. Following that, he got minor roles in movies and has been part of critically acclaimed movies like Shutter Island and Foxcatcher. A benign brain tumor put his career on hold temporarily but post surviving that he picked up right where he had left off. With three Academy Award nominations till date, he has proved his worth as an actor.
He is also a renowned activist who stands by his views against fracking and is a staunch environmentalist with his pal Leonardo DiCaprio. He made his directorial debut with the movie Sympathy for Delicious. With a proficiency in so many trades, the man also packs a sense of humor and a comical clumsiness which is evident if we look at him behind the scenes. Here are some of his most funniest behind-the-scene moments.


Avengers: Age of Ultron

13 Going 30

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Mark Ruffalo certainly proves that he is not just an angry dude. We wish him a very Happy Birthday and hope he gets his own series soon!