We love our Bollywood stars dearly, don’t we? But we also know that we could never possibly be like them. I mean, think about it. No one, living or dead, could woo a woman the way SRK does. However, we’re all human, and even our superstars have something, or rather someone, who makes them go weak in the knees. Yes, your favorite Bollywood celebs have their own Hollywood crushes! These actors and actresses command the attention of the entire country, but even they crave the following heartthrobs from Hollywood! Read on to know more!

It takes a special kind of woman to make the Baadshah of Bollywood swoon. And who better than Angelina Jolie? King Khan is known to nurse a huge crush for the actress, after he said that he wouldn’t mind working in a movie with her or Megan Fox.
Leo is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. He will also be immortal as Jack Dawson from Titanic, which is where our very own Bebo went gaga over him! Reportedly, DiCaprio only dates models, so no problem there!
The Barbie Doll of B­-Town has her own Hollywood heartthrob, in the form of Twilight superstar Robert Pattinson! She also went on record to say that she couldn’t get him out of her head!
Preity Zinta and Tom Cruise
The dimpled diva we all love has a love of her own! The actress has been in love with Tom Cruise ever since she saw him in Top Gun. The actress even met her crush at Anil Kapoor’s party to celebrate the release of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol!
Rani is famous for keeping a low profile when it comes to her relationships, but she’s been more than vocal about her monster crush on Hollywood hunk, Brad Pitt. Watch out Mr. Chopra, you’ve got competition!
So there you have it. 5 of our favorite Bollywood celebs who have Hollywood crushes. Let us know if you have any favorites!