Most of us are endowed with magnificient talents, but often fail to do justice with it. And when most of us do escalate our talents to bring a wow factor in our style of work, we usually do so when we become the work and eventually, work becomes us. A tad-bit philosophical take on the whole ‘work’ thing, as it looks, is in fact present in us on a considerably large scale. Inherent. Inevitable. A workoholic knows better. What our hardwork gives us, is recognition for our talent and fame too, like an entry in the book of “Who’s who!”. Each one of us has a rockstar within, it just needs a suitable bass to come alive and hence our talent ebbs and flows. Just one break, one miracle, a magical moment is all one needs. When it comes knocking, giving a shoutback, is all that it takes.

As much as our hardwork, our fate too, needs to meddle in order to give us that name – a tag, a label – which sticks with us all our lives and even after. Although, not everyone can be named Mahatma or be Knighted or be awarded civil honors namely the Padmashri, Padmabhushan or Padmavibhushan awards, the love bestowed by the fans will surely give you a name that you’d like to stick to.

Here are a few celebs who decided to stick to the names their beloved fans gave them, because for them, they became work and work became them:

Amitabh Bachchan

An ardent Bachchan fan knows what this magnanimous actor is to Bollywood. The deep baritone voice with a charismatic personality rules the waves. There is no one better than him to suit the tag of Shahenshah! Well, of course we have Badshahs but a super-king will always be that. After a hiatus of three years and a small stint in politics when Bachchan returned to big screen, he proved that his disapperance wasn’t to be taken for his retirement, for a super-king shall serve his subjects till the very end. Even with the mediocre success of the film, Bachchan re-emerged as the Shahenshah of Bollywood.

Shah Rukh Khan

His stammering might have receded with the decades that have passed but his style statement is just the same. A dimpled, shy-looking, starry-eyed boy, taking over the tinsel town and crowning himself as King Khan,is perhaps part self-obession, part serendipity but SRK’s hardwork too should be counted. Again, a mediocre film made SRK, the Baadshah of Bollywood overnight. But even though King kisses success with his every move, the aura of super-king stays back.

Salman Khan

He does what he wills, his attitude gets him the name “sanki” (whimsical) but his benevolent contributions to the society makes him another beloved Bollywood charmer. It is believed that Salman’s utter sincerity towards work often gets replaced by his mood swings but when the camera captures his image, he becomes a trend-setter! Dictatorial as he may be, the man has a heart of gold. Dabanng-styled Sallu, we love you!

Akshay Kumar

A lean, tall and gangly-built man, a black belt in Karate who worked as a waiter in a small restaurant in Thailand, landed in B-Town, and soon after rose to do the popular Khiladi franchises. The courage of doing extremely lethal and adrenaline-pumping stunt scenes without a body double earned Kumar the name Khiladi. Khiladi Kumar went on to achieve a Superstar status when he was seen donning the garb of King and will soon be seen as the “Boss”. But khatron se khelnewale ko hi Khiladi kaha jaata hai!

Madhuri Dixit

With a soothing smile, Madhuri Dixit put every person in awe of her beauty. Her grace and her screen presence mesmerized the viewers and added charm to the 70mm screen. Her jhumkas and thumkas made millions of hearts skip a beat and although, you’d never find vulgarity in her moves, yet, the dhak-dhak of hearts increased as soon as she made her presence felt on screen. She was soon crowned as the Dhak-Dhak queen. Her dance moves in the song of the same name from the film Beta, are enticing enough that she reigns a million hearts even today.

Rani Mukherjee

This husky-voiced beauty was initially rejected in the films because of this trait. However, with Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, she made a mark for herself and was seen working with big actors and big banners. Even after having come from an affluent Bollywood family, Rani struggled to create a niche for herself. Although, her charm is now seen less in films, she still remains the Khandala girl of Bollywood. Shot with Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan, this song became a chartbuster and Rani was nicknamed as the Khandala girl.


Miss Hawa Hawaii. This name for a daring, dashing diva is again derived from a song made famous by her moves. The film, Mr. India, is cult but the song too is epic. Kavita Krishnamurthy lent her voice to Sridevi and this turned out to be a path-breaking song in Kavita’s career as well as a fun song due to Sridevi’s peppy personality.

Urmila Matondkar

It is said that we need to leave our impressions behind before we leave the place, Urmila did just that. The foot-tapping number for China Gate rendered everyone speechless. Her titillating moves cast a spell long enough and she is still adored for being the Chamma-Chamma girl.

This bring us to a conclusion as to how hardwork defined the actors’ success and how they soon came to be recognized with the substantial work they did, but we are also left with a question – If Shahid became Kamina then will Ranbir now called as Besharam Kapoor?

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