Erotic thriller is a relatively new concept in Bollywood that has not been explored in depth, thanks to India’s never-ending list of sanskaars. You either need to watch it with your friends or your significant other. Watching these films with parents can have disastrous consequences. Though Bollywood still has a long way to excel in this genre, we have time and again seen Bollywood thrillers with a lot of skin show, grabbing eyeballs instantly.

With Hate Story 4 releasing tomorrow – one of the few films that fall into the category – we are reminded of these 9 other erotic thrillers:

#1. Hate Story Series

These revenge sagas are one of the most popular franchises of this genre. 


#2. Murder Series

Out of all films in this franchise, nothing beats Murder. How can we forget the sizzling chemistry of Mallika Sherawat and Emraan Hashmi in the first movie?


#3. Julie Series

Julie showed us the predicaments in the life of a call girl who falls in love with a multimillionaire.


#4. Jism

Bipasha as the femme fatale in Jism was one of the film’s highlights, besides her steamy chemistry with then-beau John Abraham.

#5. Kalyug

Based on the murky deals within a pornographic industry, Kalyug was Kunal Khemu’s debut as an adult actor.

#6. Tum – A Dangerous Obsession

This is the kind of film that has inspired Saavdhaan India to come up with creepy and disgusting episodes.

#7. Wajah Tum Ho

With a very convoluted plot revolving around a murder case, this film is apt for those who love movies with a hundred twists and turns.

#8. Zid

We bet you cannot predict the climax of this erotic thriller. The film’s plot, though interesting, fell flat while execution.

#9. Aksar Series

The Aksar series got a reboot recently with Aksar 2 coming out. While maintaining the thrill factor, they also upped the erotic factor.

Which one of the above movies did you truly enjoy the most? Let us know in comments below.