We all have that one eccentric uncle in our household. The one whose antics always amuse you and you can never seem to take him too seriously. Marvel has successfully established themselves as that uncle. Just when superheroes were getting too serious, they decided that things needed to get a little more fun. Way before Deadpool became the merc with the mouth, we had Iron Man who was insanely sassy. If there is one movie that tops everything silly with Marvel is the Guardians of the Galaxy. A surprise hit, it was applauded for not taking itself seriously. Now that the sequel is around the corner, we can expect some crazy antics coming our way in order to grab our attention.What you might not expect is a Bollywood song mashed with the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. The first movie was known for its spectacular soundtrack, which was an ode to the 80's. So when it came to picking a Bollywood song, they looked at the same era and came up with Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom Baba,  which was one of the highlights our disco era.
Does the idea sound cringe-worthy? Well, it did the same to us until we saw how well it turned out. India Marvel has truly done a spectacular job of uniting Bollywood and Hollywood and no one apart from the Guardians could have pulled it off. This is not the first attempt at this kind of a fusion. Sanam's Main Hoon was used along with the trailer of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Without wasting more time, take a look at the video.
Did it impress you as well? If you want to know what the Star-Lord thinks about this, we have his reaction as well. Tell us what you think in the comments below and don't forget to share.