Award functions are an integral part of cinema all over the globe. They help prove who were the best performers of the year and which actors and films deserve to be lauded for their performances. Apart from the much-awaited hype about who the winners are going to be, we are all eager to hear what our favorite celebrities are going to say in their acceptance speeches. While some actors go about the generic speech thanking their co-stars and directors, there are some who come well prepared.

Here are a few acceptance speeches by Bollywood celebrities, which touched a chord and lingered in our minds for a while.

A.R. Rahman 

This legendary music composer won an Academy Award for Best Original Score for the film Slumdog Millionaire. While speeches at the Oscar’s can go on forever, Rahman’s short and sweet one left us with a smile. “I was excited and terrified. The last time I felt like that was during my marriage." He then quoted the popular dialogue, Mere Paas Maa Hai,  from the film Deewar, to thank his mother who was in the audience and ended his speech with a line in Tamil which translates into "God is great". Watch the entire video below.

Alia Bhatt

Alia won the Critics’ Award for best actress for her performance in the film Highway. The young diva was overwhelmed and thanked director Imtiaz Ali stating that the film helped her find herself. After a shout out to her mother who was in the audience, Bhatt went on the thank Karan Johar. Here is what she had to say. “Thank you, Karan, for bringing me into this industry. I wanted to be an actress ever since I came out of my mom’s womb, I came out on *action*! I have been acting since then, I have always been acting. I am always performing and this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.” A speech that left not only Karan, but us teary-eyed too!


South sensation Dhanush won the Best Debut Filmfare Award in 2016 for his film Raanjhanaa. He said, “I have done 25 films and this is my first debut award, which clearly shows that no matter where you go, how much you learn, you are always a newcomer.” His simple and humble speech is what touched our hearts.

 Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone won the Best Actress Award for Piku this year and probably gave one of the most heart touching speech ever! She read out a letter her father had written to her sister and her from a couple of years back. In the letter she read out, her father Prakash Padukone explains how there is no substitute for perseverance, hard work, determination and passion for what you do. He encouraged his daughter to stay grounded despite her stardom. “You are our daughter first and a film star later.” The simplicity of the letter and the advice is something all of us have received at some point from our parents. This was one of the best acceptance speeches, hands down! Don’t you agree? Watch the entire speech here.

 Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is making waves in the US with her television show Quantico. She won a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Actress in a New TV Series. The first South Asian actress to win a PCA, Chopra kept it short, she said “I’d like to thank everyone who voted for ‘Quantico’. It is my first year in the US, and to come to another country and actually get this kind of acceptance is, I guess, what America is all about.

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