Bollywood is always known for going that extra mile to achieve something. From gravity defying stunts to really disturbing dialogues, our movies do everything they can to attract attention. Of late, our filmmakers have taken the help of visual effects to achieve results that people could only dream of. Such additions give a whole new dimension to the flick and leaves you stunned! 

Sometimes, the effect is incorporated so beautifully that it is hard for the audience to distinguish. VFX allows you to do various stuff, right from jumping in front of a moving train to magically blowing up a whole house! But as someone once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility”, our movie makers lose their mind while using this amazing tool. Here is a list of movies that just went a little overboard with the use of VFX and the end result was nothing short of hilarious!
1. Jaani Dushman 
This movie has to top every list which is about VFX fails. What was intended to be a serious action-thriller turned out to be a great comedy flick in the long run. The effects are so unreal, that the only reaction you can give is, ‘WTF’? 

2. Krissh 3
When you are succeeding movies like Koi Mil Gaya and Krish which were super hits, the expectation level is certainly high. Krissh 3 didn’t really do that. Why, you ask? Well, for starters, the makers failed miserably to create the Indian version of X-men inspired mutants. If it doesn’t help, make sure it doesn’t spoil the movie! Movie making 101.
3. Rudraksh 
This movie takes green screen madness to a whole new level. From snow-clad mountains to lockets trapped in weird VFX made boxes. It’s funny that movies like these actually make the cut and are released. If you are ever feeling low, we highly recommend this movie over any comedy show.

4. Ra.One 

King Khan tries to be a superhero! YAY, right? NO. Stunts that make no sense at all and visual effects that make you wish you were blind. A video game character turning real sounds really interesting but this movie wasn’t even close. 
5. Creature 3D

Bipasha Basu seems to have a thing for horror flicks, which is obvious with her recent releases all being horror movies. Creature 3D, a movie which obviously has a creature got confused with the spellings of horror and humor. The VFX fails so badly that the creature that is supposed to scare us looks like a weird video game character forced into a feature film. (Ra.One, What up?)
So here are the movies which we think had bad visual effects. If you know any more list them in the comments section.