One of the things that always bugs a Potterhead is that the movies were very different from the books. Harry was supposed to have wild and messy hair, Ron’s face was to be covered with freckles, and Hermione was not supposed to be a dazzling beauty. Ginny Weasley, who was played by Bonnie Wright in the movies, had a very minor role, even in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, in which she starts dating Harry – the star character. We would have definitely liked to see more of Ginny, and therefore, more of Bonnie, who seemed to be the only one cast right. Book Ginny was pretty, smart and brave – and we see it all in Bonnie.

Today, Bonnie Wright turns 26. The young actress, who seems to have appeared for a full 26 minutes in all the Harry Potter movies combined, definitely deserved more screen time. Here are eight Ginny Weasley moments from the book, which we believe should have been captured in movies:


The trauma she went through in her first year

First year of school is hard. It’s even harder when your only friend is a book which writes back to you. When that book turns out to be the soul of one of the darkest wizards of all time, who is using you to get back to power, you are doomed. Ginny Weasley’s trauma was apparent in the books, when her health started deteriorating and she acted weird around Harry. The movie failed to capture that, which made us miss out on the most pitiable character in Chamber of Secrets.

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Every time she helped Harry out

Let’s be honest. Harry could never have defeated Voldemort, if he didn’t get help. Ginny was always there for Harry, even the time he wanted to visit Sirius through the fire in Umbridge’s office. She guarded the corridor, and made sure Harry got plenty of time with his godfather. Don’t forget the time she recruited her boyfriend and his friends into Dumbledore’s Army. She was a genuine team player.

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Her bat-bogey hexes

If there was one thing Ginny Weasley was famous for in the books, it was her bat-bogey hexes. Ginny became a fairly good and competent witch during her training at Dumbledore’s army, and her hexes were her biggest pride. You wouldn’t want to mess with Ginny after she had mastered that art. In fact, when she hexed someone in the train in her fifth year, even her professor was impressed. Instead of giving her detention, he invited her to his private club. Now that’s one hell of a good hex!

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Her flair for Quidditch

Living with six older brothers can be a nightmare. You get used to being the little spoilt girl no one takes seriously. Ginny rose above that stereotype. When her brothers wouldn’t play Quidditch with her, she would secretly practice in the broom shed, all by herself. She became so good, she was chosen to play Seeker in her fourth year, after Harry was banned from playing Quidditch. Once Harry was back on the team, she became Chaser, and was accomplished at that too.

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Her friendship with Hermione

This was probably the only important female friendship among the predominantly male Harry Potter characters. Hermione and Ginny became very close, when the latter confessed her feelings about Harry. Hermione helped Ginny move on, realising that Harry did not feel the same way. Even later, Hermione knew all about Ginny’s love life – something she kept secret because her brothers could be very unsupportive.

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Ginny – the bold and the beautiful

In the movies, Ginny only appeared wherever required, but in the books, she was highly popular. Her good looks attracted the attention of lots of boys, something that made Harry very jealous. But Ginny was fairly comfortable in her relationships, and even stood up for herself when her brothers judged her. Sometimes, she could get downright nasty, and be very rude, especially to Ron. Even her mean streak was missing from the movie.

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Her first kiss with Harry

In the movies, Ginny and Harry’s first kiss takes place secretly in the Room of Requirement, where she leans in and kisses him. This was far from what happened in the book. Harry began to fall in love with Ginny during his sixth year at Hogwarts. After Gryffindor win the Quidditch House Cup, Harry is the one who kisses Ginny in the Common Room, in full view of the entire House, including her brother. That’s how it really should have happened. 

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Her birthday gift to Harry

Harry breaks up with Ginny at the end of the sixth movie, which is how it even happens in the book. Book Ginny, however, is not cool with it. In the seventh book, Ginny kisses Harry on his birthday, out of her own choice. This kiss was shown terribly in the movie, when Harry is zipping up her dress, turns her around and kisses her. In reality, Ginny is the one who pulls the strings, not Harry.

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Don’t you agree now, that Book Ginny > Movie Ginny? We would have loved to see Bonnie play this confident and charismatic character. If Netflix ever decided to make a Harry Potter series, we’d be rooting for you, Bon-Bon. Happy birthday!