Well, it is true. Puppies are replacing the cute quotient in people’s lives and taking the babies place by storm. Puppies don’t cry much, they can go to the toilet on their own, and they don’t turn your nights into living nightmares. Babies, on the other hand, are scary once they are born, cry their throats out, need too much care and sometimes are devilish, not allowing you to sleep at all. Both Babies and Puppies grow up fast and their cuteness starts to fade away. This latest hollywood movie is all about the Babies’ mission to sabotage the idea of Puppies taking their place as the cutest thing on Earth amongst humankind!

Boss Baby ’, is a new animated comedy by Madagascar series fame Tom McGrath who is trying to bring back that long lost love humankind had for babies once. The movie is inspired by Marla Frazee’s picture book of the same name and has the potential to serve it’s purpose. It is a story of a baby (voiced by Alec Baldwin), who is not actually a baby, but wears a suit and secretly talks over the phone drawing up evil plans in the dark of the night. It is going to check your threshold for quirky stories and imagination of a 7 year kid Tim, whose family has brought home the boss baby as their new child.

In a turn of events and babies’ research, Puppies are taking over the world with their cuteness and making babies look obsolete. The first part of this new animated movie is all about the idea of a new child coming in the family and snatching all the love which was there for the first child before the addition of a plus one. Other main characters include the babies who are a part of his play-date, against the Puppy Co. who are secretly launching a puppy who would stay cute forever. The antagonist of the movie is Francis E. Francis, director of the Puppy Co. (voiced by Steve Buscemi), and his stooge Eugene (voiced by Conrad Vernon).

The movie provides a perfect ending for the special bonding of brothers. The movie is sure to give families with siblings a way to talk about the challenges of being an older brother or sister – with the nice reassurance that there's always enough love to go around and share. Towards the end, even when Boss Baby has got promoted, gets a personal cabin and a long chair to sit on, he misses being a baby and being with Tim and the family. The Boss Baby follows a fast pace; there is action, entertainment, and plenty of laughs guaranteed for you to enjoy in the theatres. You would definitely love to drool over the mushy & uncensored bums of babies, their adorable & innocent eyes and, puppies stuffed with cuteness would be enough to win your hearts. Go for this animated flick, if you want a light-hearted experience, to end your day with little laughs and a nostalgic trip to your childhood if you miss it.