The Boy Who Learned to Fly is an adventure film made by Gatorade to celebrate Rio 2016. There’s something special about the spirit of sportsmen. This short film is a way for the brand to honor their commitment and their way of life. 

Short Film
The six-minute long film about Usain Bolt has been made by Limbert Fabian & Jacob Wyatt. The animated film follows the journey of the world’s fastest man. Jamaica’s Usain Bolt grew into his career, and the film shows you just how. The story starts with a young Bolt who gets noticed for his speed by a coach. From the first race that he runs for lunch to practising and going all the way to run for Olympics. Usain Bolt‘s ups and downs are captured well in a short time frame and the directors have done a good job. 

The film is charming and fun. The story blends well and the scenes almost merge into each other giving us a fast-paced, almost marathon feel. The animation is great and imagery leaves you enthralled. The hues are an interesting mix – yellow, green and blue, the uniform/jersey, and the orange-ish tint of the Jamaican sun. The short ends with a series of behind-the-scenes clips, which you should definitely check out.   
Watch this short film here: