Good short films are like statement pieces. They are bold, they stand out, and they make an impact as they weave together a beautiful story in a limited amount of time. Given that you probably have some time on your hands, you can watch these five lovely short films right here, right now. 

The Neighbour’s Window

This short film won an Acadamy Award for Best Live Action Short Film this year. It follows a mother who is frustrated with her daily routine that revolves around her kids and husband. Her mundane life is shaken up when a young couple moves into an apartment across from hers and she discovers that she can see into their house. 


This short film won an Acadamy Award in 2016 and it beautifully tells the story of a young man with an issue of stuttering. He begins learning sign language and pretending he is deaf but now his online girlfriend has asked to meet him in person.


This short story has been inspired by Hindu mythology and features Radhika Apte as Ahalya, a beautiful woman who is the wife of a much older man. When a young policeman arrives at her home to investigate the case of a missing man, he is instantly taken up by Ahalya’s charms. What follows next is something you need to watch for yourself. 

The School Bag

This short film will leave you very emotional as you watch Rasika Dugal play the role of a loving mother to her sweet son played by Sartaaj RK. This sweet mother-son story has a sense of stillness that is portrayed very beautifully. 

Hair Love

This short film won the Best Animated Short Film at the 92nd Academy Awards. It follows a seven-year-old African-American girl named Zuri who attempts to tame her unmanageable hair by watching an instructional video narrated by her mother. 

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