Broadway’s Romeo and Juliet has finally hit screens after winning several hearts on the theatre circuit. Based on one of Shakespeare’s most sought-after plays, this romantic drama has been adapted innumerable times. However, what makes Broadway’s Romeo and Juliet special is the uniqueness and the subtlety with which it is presented on screen.

Though most of us are acquainted with the story today, the power-packed performances, intriguing dialogues and the brilliant cinematography successfully breathe magic into this timeless masterpiece.
The play starts with men of the respective warring families in Verona, namely the Montagues and the Capulets, engaging in a gruesome argument. Now here’s an interesting twist that the director introduces us to. The Montagues are played by white actors, while the Capulets by black actors, thus referencing the racial discrimination issues still prevailing in our society. Moreover, the characters are dressed in modern apparel, but are voicing Elizabethan dialogues. This makes the presentation all the more fascinating!
The story then progresses into an intriguing first half with brilliant performances by the ensemble cast. The characters are neat, well-etched and effortlessly portrayed by the adept actors. The charming and exquisite-looking Orlando Bloom is outstanding as Romeo. His expressions, powerful dialogue delivery and amazing chemistry with Condola Rashad, who plays Juliet, are the highlights of the film. Moreover, the theatrical version of this screening marked the Broadway debut of the actor. Rashad, on the other hand, is beautiful as the naïve and lovestruck Juliet. Watch out for some of her emotional breakdown scenes, where she definitely proves her mettle as an actor. The rest of the cast members also stand out in their respective roles.
Overall, this presentation of Broadway’s Romeo and Juliet is innovative, engaging and a visual delight. Directed by David Leveaux, there’s not a single moment where you feel that the story is losing its pace. Plus, the acts are organized and very well-coordinated. However, the film could be a letdown for the people who are completely unacquainted with Shakespearean language.
Why you should watch this screening?
One of the best adaptations of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, it is presented with a modern and social twist that is fascinating in itself. Moreover, the power-packed performances by the adept cast, brilliant cinematography and an enchanting background score make this timeless masterpiece a must-watch this weekend.

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