Review: When Russel Crowe as the powerful New York City mayor and Jeffrey Wright as equally powerful police commissioner scheme, it’s a different kind of satisfaction. The kind that will appeal to those who silently applauded the elegantly plotted deceit of “Arbitrage”.

And it is a silent war with ominous murmurs. Crowe keeps his voice to a low growl-ish murmur as his character fights a re-election campaign, driven by a billion-dollar real estate deal whose details remain cloaked till the very end. Very noir and very frustrating to regular audiences as the whole thing is cast as a big secret that happened seven years ago. You keep waiting for it and when it’s unveiled, you’re neither surprised nor satisfied.

Mark Wahlberg is the star of Broken City as the disgraced ex-cop, Billy, who lives with an actress (Natalie Martinez), gets chatty with his gal pal (Alona Tal) and gets an assignment to trail the mayor’s wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones) , suspected of having an affair with the rival campaign manager (Kyle Chandler).

From a firm grip on the story in the start to the script going nuts with too much coincidence and improbability, Billy says it all with, “Will someone tell me what’s going on here?” Sad ‘cause with such  stellar cast, all gung-ho for action, the film just doesn’t take off. Dialogues are clichéd for the most part.   

A cynical thriller about government corruption that makes its audience cynics!

Verdict: Tries too hard to get heavy about politics. Just a nice cast won’t crack it.

Avneet Ghai

Movie Details:
Release Date: Jan 18, 2013
Language: English
Genre: Political, Drama,Thriller
Director: Allen Hughes
Cast & Crew: Russell Crowe, Mark Wahlberg, Catherine Zeta-Jones

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