Verdict: Bradley Cooper and the food make it worthwhile.


For long it was reported that David Fincher was planning a film on the restaurant scene in Paris and Keanu Reeves would play the lead. However, that didn’t work out as planned, and the two were replaced by John Wells and Bradley Cooper, respectively.



Burnt tells the story of Chef Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) who has everything going for him before drugs and alcohol addiction ruin his career. He returns to Paris with dreams of earning his third Michelin star. The chef’s struggles at the restaurant and his relationship with his junior chefs which includes Helene (Sienna Miller) form the rest of the plot.


The film does a great job showing how important it is to give life a second chance. It makes you believe a person can reform and start all over again. Cooper puts up a fine performance. He’s possibly one of the most good­-looking ‘chefs’ to have graced the big screen. Sienna Miller, Uma Thurman and Daniel Brühl impress too.


Even though the movie has a lot going for it, Burnt’s biggest problem is probably the story. The writers introduce too many subplots and characters, which seem unnecessary. If they had just focused on Adam and his goals, the movie would have had a stronger impact.


Pig out before you the movie though. Chances though are that hunger pangs will strike once you see all the delicious food on screen.


Why You Should Watch This Movie:


Burnt is a feel-good film with typical twists and turns. Don’t set your expectations too high and this film then definitely is enjoyable.