Verdict: A star cast that tries its best to do justice to a weak plot.

When you go for a Robert De Niro film, you go with certain expectations in mind. Over the years, the actor has continued to delight us with his charming characters and exemplary acting. In the Bus 657, too, he does just that.

Pope (Robert De Niro) is a ruthless casino owner who has decided to quit the business. Vaughn (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is a card dealer in Pope’s casino, who has a daughter dying of cancer and is in desperate need of money. When Pope refuses to lend money to his employee, Vaughn along with another greedy co-worker Cox (Dave Bautista) decide to rob the casino. What ensues is a botched up attempt at a robbery, consisting of a plan that had "fail" written all over it from the very beginning.

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With the robbery not gone as planned, they impulsively hijack a bus with the hope of holding hostages and getting away. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has done a commendable job with his portrayal of a father in need of money for his daughter’s treatment, with no intention of hurting anyone. He is successful in convincing the audience and bringing to screen his character’s dilemma and the building tension, as he struggles to control his partner, Cox. The film manages to keep you on the edge of your seat with its fast-paced actions scenes, as the police and Pope try their best to pursue the bus and make attempts to overpower it. Vaughn’s compassionate side appeals to a police officer (Gina Carano), who begins to investigate the motive behind Vaughn’s involvement in the robbery.

With an agitated Pope trying to recover his money and at the same time attempting to reconnect with his daughter Sydney (Kate Bosworth), the film is filled with unexpected twists and turns. Twists arise when the bus speeds on with the hostages and the hijackers try to stay a step ahead of the cops. Despite its absurd plot, the film keeps you guessing about its next step and just when you think you’ve got a hold of the story, it manages to spin a googly right at you.

Why You Should Watch This Movie

The film has made a good attempt to make a mark as a fast-paced suspense film that keeps the audience fixated but its dissonant plot is leaves you wanting more. The praiseworthy acting by the star cast coupled with the high intensity action scenes make the film a fun one-time watch.