Photographs are perfect, but they are stills. But life is never STILL.

Madhur Bhandarkar‘s next venture the Calendar Girls is finally here! The teaser is out and has set the curiosity level soaring sky high! Who are these five new faces and what are their stories? The teaser is 1 minute 31 seconds and manages to show us all the glamour and glitz associated with the movie. The storyline looks very interesting as is true for all Madhur Bhandarkar films, but what really intrigues us is the identity of these five Calendar Girls! The gang of girls have all got the looks and the right attitude. If or not they will leave a mark on Bollywood is yet to be seen. We wish each one of them loads of love & luck!   
Watch the teaser and meet the 5 Calendar Girls!

Calendar Girl #1 Avani Modi
Calendar Girl #2 Akanksha Puri
Calendar Girl #3 Kyra Dutt
Calendar Girl #4 Ruhi Singh

Calendar Girl #5 Satarupa Pyne

With all this sizzle, we can’t wait to see the movie! Tell us what you thought of the teaser, comment below!