It has been three years since Madhur Bhandarkar‘s last movie – Heroine. And if you were missing this filmmaker who is popular for movies that generously blend reality with fiction, it is a little over a month before his next – Calendar Girls – hits screens. The title of the movie and Bhandarkar’s past work suggest yet another effort that will see the filmmaker take another industry and delve into the highs and lows of the same. Bar dancers, the Page 3 culture, politics, corporate India, fashion and more recently, Bollywood itself; Bhandarkar has treated his audience through some acclaimed films, to insights into each of these worlds. With Calendar Girls, he brings to the limelight the lives of models who are chosen to be what is suggested as a coveted honour in the modeling industry – a Calendar Girl.

The Calendar Girls trailer is out and it does look like it offers everything one expects from a Madhur Bhandarkar movie. The trailer tells you it is going to be another glitzy affair. Calendar Girls marks the debut of Akanksha Puri, Avani Modi, Satarupa Pyne, Ruhi Singh and Kyra Dutt who play models from various parts of the country and even beyond (try Pakistan) chosen to be, well, Calendar Girls. Among known faces, the movie features Suhel Seth
While Calendar Girls does not boast of a cast led by star power like Bhandarkar’s other films, it sure promises every other element he is known for. When asked, the filmmaker says that the subject of his latest movie was such that it required fresh faces. This movie too shall not be very far away from the realities of the industry, promises Bhandarkar when he says it is “75% fiction and 25% reality”. 
Come September 25, when Calendar Girls will be released, Bhandarkar looks good to show the world why it is believed people stop talking about their work when he is around; lest they reveal too much and it becomes the next Madhur Bhandarkar movie.