Every Modern Family fan loves Cam. The comedy series, which premiered in 2009, and recently finished its seventh season, is highly popular among TV watchers and Cam can’t help but be your favorite character of them all. The funny, dramatic and gay character is played by none other than Eric Stonestreet. Cam is basically all of us and a whole heap of drama. He loves food, he is super-creative, he even sings, and is a great father/mother to Lily. Modern Family without Cam just would not be the same. 

Today, Eric Stonestreet celebrates his 45th birthday. On this merry occasion, we bring you nine of Cam’s funniest moments from the show. Enjoy!

When he introduced Lily to the family, with complete light-and-sound effects.

When Lily got locked in the car and his parenting abilities were tested.

When he played the drums, adding a little ‘Cam’ to his performance.

When he was stuck on a tree, dressed as a cat.
Cam Modern Family - BookMyShow

When he went through the various stages of being on a diet.

When he couldn’t sleep, so he started sleep-clowning.

When he was too much of an animal lover.

When he said this about Meryl Streep, and we all agreed.
Cam on Modern Family - BookMyShow

When he was dumped by Gloria, and felt all kinds of emotions.


Happy Birthday, Eric Stonestreet. Have a Cam-worthy celebration!
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