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Cars 3 vs Despicable Me 3: Battle of the Threequels

Pixar used to be the sole contender in creating critically acclaimed animated movies adored universally across all ages. But it's seen some competition in the recent years, and Universal is the strongest one yet. Last Friday, both Cars 3 and Despicable Me 3 released together in India and the race for winning the hearts of children and the money from parents' pockets is on. Both are animated movies aiming to please both young and old, but who will emerge the winner in this battle of Cars 3 vs Despicable Me 3? 

After a disappointing sequel, Pixar has attempted to shift the gears of the Cars franchise back to its original tracks. And it looks like it has succeeded. 

It's been almost seven years since Illumination introduced us to Gru. Since then, it's only been a steady climb in popularity. Even the Minions movie was a hit in theaters and Despicable Me 3 promises to be no less.

Cars 3 vs Despicable Me 3 - BookMyShow

When it comes to the animation, Pixar has pulled out all the stops with Cars 3. It's animation at times even looks like it's shot on a camera. 

Whereas, Despicable Me 3 is cracking up audiences. The addition of new characters has only added to its hilarity. It's definitely a good sign, promising to be even better in the future.  

Cars 3 is not far behind with a moral theme to back up its story. Of course, Pixar wouldn't just make a light-hearted kids' film without a virtue to back it up. But it's wrapped up in an entertaining package. 

Cars 3 vs Despicable Me 3 - BookMyShow 

As always, Despicable Me 3 has plenty of Minions that are a favorite of the kids. 

But then, who isn't nostalgic for Cars? 

Cars 3 vs Despicable Me 3 - BookMyShow

In this competition of Cars 3 vs Despicable Me 3 which one will you be going for? Let us know in the comments below. Also, don't forget to read our Cars 3 review and Despicable Me 3 review before heading to theaters.