History has always been dramatic, there’s no denying that. But the main reason behind all the drama were often the variety of colorful characters who either impacted lives or destroyed them. One often wonders, what would it be like if a famous/infamous historical figure came back to life. They would be YouTube sensations for sure. But they would also make great film actors. Here’s a look at a few historical figures who’d be superstars if they had lived on for posterity:

Napoleon Bonaparte

The brave and power-hungry Napoleon Bonaparte was also, if we may say, fairly handsome. With his superstar name and political connections, who wouldn’t want to be friends with him. He’d be the star in every war-based movie, be it Apocalypse Now or Brave Heart. You know how the French guy always woos the girl in the end? Yeah, that would be this guy.

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler will always be remembered for the stubborn man-child that he was. But if you ever try muting any of his hate-spewing speeches, you’ll realize that the man had a certain flair and looked hilarious with all his hand gestures. If Hitler were alive today, he’d be the go-to guy for every comedic role. Why, he could even play Dudley Dursley from the Harry Potter series! Except, he’d be demanding for more of Europe for his birthday instead of birthday gifts.

Joseph Stalin

Lovingly referred to as Uncle Joe in Russia (and not in Mallu-land), Stalin cared dearly for his countrymen. Though his other actions were controversial, he wouldn’t let any harm come to his people. Isn’t that exactly what every mob boss does? With his rugged frame, deep voice and stylish mustache, is there any doubt that Joseph Stalin could not pull off a Vito Corleone in The Godfather or a Nikolai in Eastern Promises?

Queen Elizabeth

The regal Queen Elizabeth ruled England for 44 years to build the country to its former glory. And then, the next generations pretty much ruined her efforts, but hey, no one’s complaining! Throughout her rule, Queen Elizabeth tackled her personal and political problems with equal finesse and still looked beautiful at the end of the day. She is the Queen Narnia deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a man of mysteries. But all of it is nothing compared to the mysticism in his puppy eyes (Are you listening David Bowie?). If the brilliant inventor was alive today, the studio companies would definitely be flocking to him to cast him as the romantic lead in all their movies. In fact, if they ever needed someone to replace Ryan Gosling in The Notebook, it would be Tesla! His performance would definitely be electrifying (pun intended).

Martin Luther King Jr.

“I have a dream that one day Martin Luther King Jr. will come back to life and make sure that Denzel Washington goes out of business.” – Every Martin Luther King Jr. fan ever!

Known for his vocal prowess and never-say-quit attitude, Martin Luther King Jr. affected many lives during his time. He had the unique ability to grab everyone’s attention and make his point succinctly. It’s safe to say that every other lawyer in a Hollywood film has basically been inspired by him. But no one has ever come close to the real deal. We wonder how many more Oscars Philadelphia would have grabbed if Martin Luther was pleading Tom Hanks’ case!

Alexander the Great

Okay, now Alexander is the greatest ruler there ever was (unlike the horrible blonde wig-wearing Colin Farrel. Why Colin, why?). The tales of his bravery and victories are known all over the world. Many say he was not only physically-intimidating, but also extremely-cunning. That’s a rare trait for an action hero. Strong and smart? Au Revoir Arnold and Sylvester!

We think Terminator 2 would be a whole lot interesting if Alexander was saving John Connor from the evil T-1000.

Jesse James

He is the bad boy who inspired numerous train heist scenes in Hollywood. But while many actors need body doubles, Jesse James would be totally comfortable doing his own stunts (and then stealing stuff, of course). If Jesse James came back to life, he’d easily give the Tom Hiddlestons and Benedict Cumberbatchs a run for their money, as he would be the perfect Loki, Khan, Bane and much more.

Mark Twain

With his handlebar mustache and adorable face, Mark Twain was quite the storyteller. If he were alive today, he would be the friendly professor or scientist in almost every other movie. The Back to the Future Trilogy would be perfect(er) if Papa Twain was behind the wheels of the Dalorean. Can’t someone just invent a time machine and bring him back?


Queen Cleopatra was exotic, gorgeous and fearless (Boys, we know. We know). Her epic love story is often referred to when writers run out of ideas for a romantic drama. That said, which man wouldn’t just fall head-over-heels in love with the Goddess-like aura of this woman. They don’t make women like her no more. Yes, we have Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore and Julia Roberts, but we all would rather have Cleopatra back in our lives and on the big screen.

They say history does not repeat itself, and rightly so. Because if any of these legends were actors back in their day, they would never end up becoming iconic historical figures. Well, most of them anyway. Which actor do you think would make a brilliant actor today?

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