Let’s accept it – it isn’t easy leading a celebrity life. Not only are you constantly under the prying eyes of the media but also your fans can’t stop intruding into your personal space. And in times of turbulence, you just feel really sorry that our favorite stars do not have the luxury of going private and maintaining a low-key affair. As we all know, 2016 has been the year of separation for Hollywood as well as Bollywood actors and every time we heard of a celeb break-up, there were a million other hearts that broke and that stopped believing in love. So when we got to know that the announcements of these high profile divorces are allegedly a planned strategy, we couldn’t help but share this piece of information with you guys. Read on to know more about this.

When we heard that a lot of thinking goes before these celeb couples actually break the news to the world, it made us want to know more. Jonathan Hay, a celebrity publicist and crisis manager for A-list Hollywood stars, said, “Divorces, break-ups-these are things that we’re in control of. It’s not like a death, or something- you’re in control of when the announcement comes out. You can pick.

That kind of made sense to us. But what’s the formula behind this, you may ask. There you go.

Friday = Low Impact

1We all know how Fridays are. After lunch hour on Friday, everyone is just waiting for the weekend, so when a star couple announces their separation on a late Friday evening, it will most probably garner a low impact than otherwise.

A solid example of this would be the divorce announcement of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. We were a fan of this absolutely stunning pair, and it most obviously broke our heart to hear about them moving away from each other.

Public Holiday = High Impact (Most often)

2Think about it. On a three-day-long weekend or a public holiday, most of us are lazing around with our smartphones in hand looking for something interesting on the Internet. So when a celeb couple breaks the news of a break-up, we would want to know more about it and the reason behind it.

Russell Brand and Katy Perry called it quits the day before New Year’s Eve 2011, which created a hell lot of drama and news.

Tuesday= High Controlled Impact

3Weeklies are closed on Tuesdays as most of the issues wrap up on Monday night. Celebrities take advantage of this so that they could have a control on how the news is spread. Dropping news on a Tuesday also helps stars that have a specific agenda in mind. Hay says, “ Is there a movie releasing? Is there something that we can catapult and use to our advantage, then a Tuesday is the best day.

Brangelina spilled the beans of their divorce on a Tuesday because they knew the news was big and would percolate the entire week on social platforms.

Right after a bigger couple has called it quits = Low Impact

4By piggy-backing on the breakup of another couple, a private celebrity couple can minimize their own exposure. Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards announced their breakup on August 4th the day after Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale confirmed their divorce on August 3rd, 2015.

Shocking, isn’t it? Share your views on this in the comments below.

By Niti Desai