Sonakshi Sinha‬ is in the news this week. Not for a new Bollywood film or a Twitter war or a fashion statement, but for the ‪World Record‬‬ she made along with other women on International Women’s Day. The Dabangg actress’ record is for maximum number of women simultaneously painting their nails! An absolutely stunning feat. But that’s not the only thing she has been up to. The actress has been resurrecting an old hobby. 

Sonakshi always had artistic tendencies. She has done a Fashion Designing course, and before she became a Bollywood actress, she even worked as a costume designer. 

Here’s her trying to resurrect her hobby. 

Sonakshi isn’t the only one, here are seven other celebs who can paint! 

Salman Khan: Bhai’s talent isn’t hidden from the world. We love his expression on canvas. He is famous for gifting and donating his art.   

Mariyln Monroe: Her painting of a red rose is said to be an undelivered birthday gift to JFK. She later added a note, and re-gifted it to herself.

Jim Carrey: Jim Carrey owns an art studio in the West Village, and that’s not all- he had a solo exhibition in 2011 in Palm Springs. His work ranges from modern art to sculptures. 

Lucy Liu: The Charlie’s Angel actress is an artist advocate. She studied art at the New York Studio School in 2004 and her work was even displayed at a London gallery in 2011. 

Johnny Depp: He has painted portraits of Marlon Brando, Keith Richards and many more celebs, but his famous cover for Vanessa Paradis is absolutely stunning.  

Pierce Brosnan: Brosnan’s artistic calling was revived due to family tragedy – his wife and daughter both suffered from ovarian cancer.  

James Franco: Apart from being absolutely gorgeous, Franco directs, teaches, writes, and reviews movies for VICE, and also paints! The multi-talented man’s grandmother’s influence is the force that drives his artistic sensibilities. 

So, grab that brush and fill that canvas. Inspired to find the artist in you, yet?