The Internet can be informative, true. But should we believe everything we read? Maybe not. Often, some rumors do the rounds and land up going viral quickly, especially when they are celebrity-specific. We love spending our time reading about our favorite celebrities, so much so that we even believe death reports without bothering to get our facts right. And then, we go on an RIP ­posting spree only to look stupid later.

There have been many celebrities across the globe who have been victims of a death hoax. Let's take a quick look at a few celebrities that the were “killed off” by the Internet.

Amitabh Bachchan
Yes, Big B. He may be the biggest star in the country, but that didn't stop these rumors. Amit ji was reported to have been killed in a car accident. Moreover, there were details of his funeral as well! Despite being unhappy with the rumour, he chose to remain silent.

Lata Mangeshkar
Lata didi also fell victim to one such death hoax. She was reported to have died in a city hospital. The singer decided to put these rumours to rest by tweeting, as a measure to assure her well-being.

RajinikanthThalaiva Rajini was hospitalized in 2011. It is then that the rumours of his death began to circulate and even went on to trend on Twitter.

When this became too much to handle, his wife assured his fans that he was alive and kicking.

Ayushmann Khurrana
A website reported that VJ, singer and actor, Ayushmann Khurrana died in a snowboarding accident. This led to fans posting RIP messages on Twitter. Ayushmann clarified these rumours by asking 'rumour mongers' to RIP.

Jaden Smith
Apparently, a so-­called suicide video went viral on Facebook and in no time the Karate Kid was “reported” dead. However, this was found untrue when he made an appearance at the premiere of a new Netflix show.

Dwanye Johnson
Johnson was reported to have died after having a fall while filming in New Zealand. Upon learning about his death hoax, The Rock was furious. He took to Twitter to express his desire to show the rumor monger "what a dead foot felt like".

Jackie Chan
It was a Facebook scam that was responsible for the hoax. Reports claimed that the actor died while performing a stunt. Those who clicked on the link, killed their privacy rights. Chan stayed alive.

Chris Brown
Chris Brown's death hoax went viral on Twitter and YouTube. Not only were hashtags used but some even commented on every music video he had on his channel.

Did you fall for any of these? Know more? Let us know.